Christmas at Maple Creek



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

Upbeat rendition of common themes

There are strong echoes of the stories and formulas of many other Christmas movies. The conflict is textbook beau-sees-something-and-misinterprets. The solution to the underlying problem everyone is trying to deal with is overly simplistic. The novelist has returned to her favorite town to overcome her writer's block and meets a guy there. She finds out the town is in trouble and the two of them set out to have a gala to save it. Lots of formula and predictability.

Yet for so much of the movie I forgot about the formula. One thing is the setting of a recreation of the late 19th century which happens to be where her novels are set. That setting flavors a lot of what the characters do especially for the gala. It seems to me that both Diana and Carter are much more honest about their feelings with each other even before the climax.

Despite the threat hanging over them, the story is upbeat and the characters, Dianna especially, are so full of life. There's also an element of quirkiness.

Jeni Ross's Diana fits my dream girl very well, so I am prejudiced about this movie. She's shy and modest, quirky and positive. And she's only 22. Her chemistry with Jake Epstein is fantastic. I hope to see much more of this woman in future Christmas movies.

I found the dialogue fun, but I admit there was some nerdiness in it.

Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 3 / 10

Not a good combination

The lead male is so obviously gay, I've seen him in another film and thought the same. The story should have been about him trying to meet and fall in love with Greg, who was lovely until a weird moment towards the end.

I definitely would have picked Greg over the other, but actually I don't think that it would have been fair on him as the lead female was annoying too.

They do deserve each other, but only because they're both insufferable

I only watched it all the way through because she was a writer like me, but there are definitely better versions of this story available.


Reviewed by rosey-14 2 / 10

Oh wow this was bad!

The start didn't Hellas it was quite clearly summer, with the leaves on the trees still a glorious green. The acting was bad and the lead didn't seem old enough to pull off a successful writer role plus her voice was very young and overly saccharine. Unfortunately I had to leave this one part way in.

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