Christmas at the Plaza


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2086

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Karen Holness as Cassidy
Adam Hurtig as Jeremy Brookwater
Stephanie Sy as Desiree
Julia Duffy as Amanda Clark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Lifeless plaza

Actually knew pretty much exactly what to expect from 'Christmas at the Plaza', anybody that has seen more than one Hallmark film then they would know that the formula most follow is pretty much more of the same. That is not to say that Hallmark Christmas films are bad, there are a fair share of average and more ones out there but would hesitate in calling any of them masterpiece level. There are also a fair share of bad and worse outings and generally their 2019 output didn't impress that much.

While not one of the worst of their 2019 festive output, 'Christmas at the Plaza' didn't really impress me on the whole. It's not a terrible film, though there are a few terrible elements, and has its moments. But for me (and quite a few others it seems) it wasn't great either with a lot of easy to criticise things. Liked the idea for the setting, it sounded so magical if done right, but 'Christmas at the Plaza' doesn't do enough with it and ended up being standard Hallmark.

'Christmas at the Plaza' has merits. It's nicely shot, not too drab or over-saturated and it doesn't look static or tries to do too much. The plaza looks nostalgic enough and there are pleasant moments in the soundtrack.

Ryan Paevey is a likeable male lead. The supporting cast to me did very well, especially Bruce Davison and Julia Duffy (the latter has some nice comic chemistry) as the most interesting and easy to like characters. Their subplot was quite heart-warming and far easier to get behind than the main romantic subplot, which didn't really ignite for me.

Namely down to the lifeless performance of Elizabeth Henstridge, who looked as if she didn't want to be there and didn't look at ease. Jessica struck me as a character that was both annoying and bland. Although the development of the relationship wasn't too rushed or took too slowly to unfold, the romantic chemistry felt disconnected and under-rehearsed with a lack of spark and charm. While Reggie and Amanda's writing is fun and warms the heart, the main subplot left me cold and the ever so familiar boyfriend character and story trope was obnoxious, obvious and not necessary.

Excepting some sporadic moments with Davison and Duffy, the writing felt rather tired and forced. The already very formulaic story doesn't do enough with its idea and came over as very dull, even early on, and contrived, with a real lack of charm or emotion on the most part. The direction didn't seem very engaged and most of the soundtrack was intrusive.

On the whole, had potential but doesn't do enough with it. 4.5/10

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Nice couple but story could have been more interesting

Agents of Shield star Elizabeth Henstridge acts as a historian researching decorations at the Plaza Hotel. Of all things to make a topic decorations aren't terribly interesting. With the history of the She has a boyfriend academic who doesn't seem that in to her. Anyway she meets a decorator played by Ryan Paevey. And they work together and the inevitable happens. They look quite nice together and she smiles sweetly. She doesn't seem to fall to easily at least.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 6 / 10

Christmas at the Plaza

6/10 - interesting look/commercial at the famous hotel with a romance sprinkled on top

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