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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jagfannn 1 / 10

Just imagine.....

Just imagine high school kids caught a school play on camera...... That's pretty much this movie. I did read that the lead actors got together in real life so hopefully something good came from this. Congrats

Reviewed by EndeavoursGirl 2 / 10

Not even close to Hallmark

While this is I'm sure billed as a family friendly romance, it has bad acting, writing, directing, "soundtrack" (songs), costumes, and hair/makeup. Perhaps its geared for a much younger tween/teen audience, I highly doubt it. The dialogue is stilted, the makeup is caked on, there are at least 4 cold-shoulder looks on one woman, I'm surprised the last scene didn't have one as well. And the wardrobe malfunctions are here too! And this is the first movie I've scene where an Indian actor plays an NHL agent. The houses are echo-y, in fact the best scenes are the skating ones... hairstyles are under hats, sometimes its a blizzard so no one can see, and the voice overs! Oh my. I'd say have plenty of wine or beers when watching this one. And there's plenty of real life drama associated with this film, but google for a bit more on that. All I can say is that this was free. I don't necessarily wish my time back, but now am planning on writing my own local (not-really a) Hallmark movie too!

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