Christmas in Connecticut


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 4 / 10

Just a Pretty Bad Film

There are risks in doing remakes. When I saw this, I had not seen the Stanwyck film. I just found this about as dull as can be. The whole thing with trying to cook a dinner for a forest ranger and having to hide the fact that she can't cook and going through the gyrations they do, just doesn't work. Is her career really going to hit the skids because the tree guy might find out? Two really tiresome actors, Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson (I like his music) walk through their roles and produce something they hoped would sell at Christmas time. I imagine they managed to put a few people in the seats at the time, but I doubt it has had much of a following. It's just a weak film and can fade into the woodwork of cheap collections of Christmas movies.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 / 10

The only charm comes from the snow.

Lacking the pizazz of the original 1945 holiday classic, this is a needless remake of a perennial crowd pleaser. Dyan Cannon isn't horrible, but she's not exactly convincing as a homespun TV hostess who would be calling her local library for a recipe for ice cubes. Of course, Barbara Stanwyck was completely charming in her naivete, even as a follow-up for the film noir classic "Double Indemnity". It really stretches the imagination to think of Dyan Cannon as a combination of Martha Stewart, Julia Child and Paula Deen, and there's no way in the early 90s that Hotshot pilot Kris Kristofferson would ever be as naive as to think she was who she claims to be here. She goes through the motions of trying to charm, but it's like listening to jingle bells on an accordion. Tony Curtis, as her boss, is certainly no Sydney Greenstreet and comes off as a bit of a pervert in his attempts to pretend to be Cannon's husband. Kristofferson has no spark at all, far too old in the Dennis Morgan part.

The original script has been altered to give Cannon a fake family, including an out-of-work actor she pulls off the street to be her son-in-law. From the supporting cast of unknown actors, only Vivian Bonnell add any homes in the Una O'Connor role, and instead of British Cockney, she's African-American. That's supposed to give her a little bit of spice, but Bonnell wisely under plays that even as she repeats O'Connor's famous line regarding pancakes, "I don't flip. I scoop." The lack of an S.Z. Sakall type chef (arguing with O'Connor over the difference between goulash and Irish Stew) eliminates much of the comedy.

Other supporting characters add nothing to the pack of holiday festivities, and are unbelievably oddball in a way that makes them unwatchable. The script is weak and the direction (by Arnold Schwarzenegger) completely uninspired. They successfully remade several Christmas classics, but this is by far the weakest, a true travesty coming from TNT and classic film lover Ted Turner. No amount of Christmas carols or holly jolly interspersed with the dull antics could melt my heart in viewing this.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 3 / 10

Chaos and noise where just a little more satire might have sufficed...

Stultifying TV-made remake of the 1945 chestnut starring Barbara Stanwyck. As directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger (!), this romantic comedy begins with a terrific bit of television-oriented satire involving Dyan Cannon as the hostess of a popular cooking program. Cannon (vivacious as ever) doesn't know her way around a kitchen, and so has cue cards in front of her and lackeys handing her props out of camera range. It's a wonderfully sly bit of prodding at manufactured show-biz 'magic'...however, once the contrived plot kicks in, the film loses that fresh, funny edge. Dyan has to pretend to be a family-oriented country gal in a publicity stunt which pairs her with recent wilderness hero Kris Kristofferson, and the rest you can write yourself. There isn't a spontaneous or uplifting moment in the mix as our glowing couple grows closer and closer, while she is forced to dislocate herself from the awful truth. A better movie might have been had just by keeping Cannon in the city working on her show, maybe with Kristofferson as her cooking guest. Sadly, the writing here was aiming for Bigger! Better! Funnier! while out-of-his-element Schwarzenegger darts around hoping to exploit every crash for knee-slapping laughs. They fail to arrive.

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