Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane


Drama / Romance

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Alicia Witt as Emma Reynolds
Mary Beth McDonough as Caroline Reynolds
Laura Leighton as Andie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Honeysuckle mediocrity

That may sound harsh, and apologies, but 'Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane' just didn't work for me. Liked the concept, which was hardly an original one but seemed nice enough. The title sounded cute if corny. Not all Hallmark Christmas films are bad, actually think a good deal of them are watchable but was pleasantly surprised by some. Colin Ferguson is seldom less than watchable and more often than not is more than that.

Was though not completely excited in seeing it, having struggled with watching some of Alicia Witt's performances in her other Christmas films and from the synopsis and what has been said about the film it sounded like it would be another variation on the type of character that she often overacts. While not quite one of the worst Hallmark Christmas films, 'Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane' had a lot of very glaring flaws bad enough to completely disallow me from getting any enjoyment out of it.

'Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane' is not all bad. Ferguson is very engaging and does a great job with what he's given, which is not enough and not worthy of Ferguson's talent. Jill Larson is also a joy as one of the few characters in the film to be properly worth investing in.

It looks good, the settings are beautiful to watch and are lovingly festive, nicely photographed. Count me in as another person who loves the house, one of the nicest houses for any Hallmark Christmas film.

However, Witt badly overacts her role, coming over as very affected, and exaggerates her character's negative traits (i.e. pomposity) to a very grating degree. There is no chemistry or spark between her and Ferguson, no warmth whatsoever and very disconnected. Other than Morgan and Rachel, none of the characters are particularly likeable and only Rachel is interesting, Ferguson's material is too weak and he has too little to his role.

Dialogue ranges from laughably bad to downright painful, very childish with a lot of forced sentimentality and constant awkwardness. The story is lifeless with a glacially slow pace throughout, especially the very hard to sit through first half, and has no charm, warmth or heart. Boredom and annoyance were the only two feelings that came from watching this film. The music for my liking was too constant and too intrusive. The direction is pedestrian throughout.

On the whole, mediocre. 4/10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

fine for Hallmark

The Reynolds siblings are reuniting at their family home after their parents' death. It's their last Christmas there. Emma (Alicia Witt) has a new promotion and ending an old relationship. Andie (Laura Leighton) is a novelist and mom. Daniel has his family. The siblings need someone to appraise their parents' estate and they hire antique dealer Morgan Shelby (Colin Ferguson). He opens a secret compartment in a desk and uncovers mother Reynolds' secret past.

This is one of the countless Hallmark Christmas romances coming out every year. These are good actors doing their workmanlike jobs. It's not anything outstanding. In fact, the meet-cute could be much cuter. Witt has her anger dialed up too high. It sets up for a good combative energy but the romantic energy suffers. The movie does have a good sad tone from the dead parents which works well with the material. Overall, it's fine for what it is.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

More poignant than the usual Hallmark movie

A woman (Alicia Witt) returns home after her parents died to celebrate with her sister (Laura Leighton) and brother. She meets an antiques store owner (Colin Ferguson) who helps her settle and value the contents of the house. At least it's a different story than the typical Christmas movie.

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