Christmas Stars


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

When you wish upon a Christmas star

Expectations admittedly were not sky-high. The premise didn't sound anything special and has been done to death. It did have the danger too of being cheesy and too sappy if not done well. If done right though and if it tried to do something different, it could have been very sweet and amiable. Saw 'Christmas Stars' as a big fan of Christmas, as someone who has for the past while been expanding my Christmas film horizons and as someone that likes film with a musical-like theme.

'Christmas Stars' left me a bit mixed when it came to the execution, didn't love it and didn't hate it, and was actually more or less what was expected. While to me it wasn't a particularly good film, had a good deal wrong with it and it's not hard to see why some may find themselves squirming in their seats, 'Christmas Stars' still struck me as very watchable and an inoffensive diversion. As long as one doesn't expect too much and did a sizeable amount right.

Will start with the good. It looks nice, not lavish but it doesn't look cheap. The locations are pretty to look at and the simple but not static or over-saturated camera work seems to love it. Whether one likes the soundtrack is very dependent on what your music taste is and whether you like the music style that is most dominant, for me it's not my first choice when it comes to listening to various music styles regularly but the non-too commercialised music is listenable. Listenable the soundtrack is here, a few too many songs perhaps but there is nothing annoying about the melodies and the lyrics may not be the most inspired in the world but don't make the toes curl at least.

Some parts are genuinely sweet without being too sugary and there are mildly amusing if not hilarious moments. The story does have heart and charm in the middle act in particular, the chemistry between the two leads is sweet and even if the quality of the singing varies the performances are all game. JT Hodges steals the show, he's great and while she is not as comfortable in the songs Erica Durance is an appealing partner.

On the other hand, the script does tend to be rather stilted and corny, some parts did make me cringe. While the two leading characters are generally likeable, the supporting characters are very sketchy and typical Christmas film cliches and not much more. The direction could have done with more urgency and energy, while the songs are amiable enough the charm and energy heard in the music doesn't carry over enough in the staging which never excites properly.

Although the story has moments, it is very derivative and basic. Almost everything has been seen before many times elsewhere and done with much more freshness and consistent feeling, for instance there is absolutely no surprise as to how it ends and by the end one has slightly lost interest to care enough. It also takes far too long to get going, the pace in the first third is pretty dull and the early stages are uneventful.

In summary, watchable but nothing special. 5/10

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

A Christmas Star is Born

If you like a certain style of music then you will probably love this movie. Otherwise, well maybe, maybe not.

The story develops along the lines similar to A Star is Born. Beyond that the story is derivative and predictable in a Christmas movie kind of way. At least neither alcohol nor drugs are an issue.

There are several short musical performances including several Holiday songs and one original Christmas song. Erica Durance and JT Hodges sing the original song together. Is Durance a legitimate musical performer? Her voice is pleasant enough but she didn't have "presence" which is odd, because in the story, she was supposed to be teaching Spence things about performing just along those lines. Mostly the musical talent of the movie is Hodges especially since he does most of the pure Holiday songs and the arrangements for those are upbeat. There are more songs than most Christmas movies.

What about chemistry. For at least half the movie, I had the expectation that Spence was using Layla to get ahead, so I didn't trust any potential chemistry. I can't say if it was there, but it didn't seem like it to me.

Edited by me later: Most urgently, I believe the synopsis on this site has been changed so I have now deleted what I said about that synopsis which is no longer true.

After watching again, I was a little harsh on Erica Durance, who I actually love (Smallville and Saving Hope). He voice is more than just "pleasant". It is good, although I still wouldn't put it up there with Hodges for star quality. And now, watching the story knowing all of it, yes there was some chemistry. At times it was overshadowed by other things in the plot.

Reviewed by garzamom 1 / 10

Didn't get very far.....

When the movie starts out with the female lead shouting "whoo" into a mic the first several minutes, I have to turn it off. Just plain nasty. Next comes slamming shots and the obligatory boot scoot.

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