Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1945

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Ralph Fiennes as Stephen Tulloch
Damian Lewis as Marcus Aylesbury
Penélope Cruz as Gloria
Michelle Gomez as Bushey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michelbaartmans-1 8 / 10

Chilling and warming.

I had the unique chance of watching this movie at it's midnight premiere at Cannes, and this engaging story made the evening even more complete. Chromophobia is a depiction of how several upper-class Brits have become so obsessed with material things and their careers that they have become completely detached from the bare necessities: love, professional integrity, friendship and even their own children. Each of the characters will betray one of those ideals, and they will see their lives and relationships come crashing down. But while most of the movie is alienating, depressing and leaves you almost begging for some relief (it is there, you will laugh occasionally), in the end there is redemption: not in a glorious comeback or victory, but in the simple dignity of picking up the pieces and carrying on with a brave face. The train station scene is especially impressive, showing the sudden determination and loyalty in the main characters when faced with the ruin of their lives. Both chilling and warming: this is one solid piece of British drama.

Reviewed by gregantoniou 10 / 10

A Shame

It is a shame that critics have buried alive this wonderful film when at the same time they praise so many repetitive, stereotypical productions. It is a brave, innovative movie with great acting, intelligent, witty plot set in a contemporary setting and fabulous stylish photography. It features controversial themes of today (juvenile crime, alienation, corruption) and realistic, multi-dimensional characters that evolve and grow as the film progresses. Moreover, despite its multiple thread storyline, the plot has an Aristotelian nearly perfect structure that so many contemporary films lack. It is puzzling that it took so long for this film to be released (and it is a very limited release), and even more puzzling that it has been welcomed with such animosity by the professional film critics. It just shows that one cannot trust them when choosing which film to go and see.

Reviewed by rosemary_ds 10 / 10

excellent film

So far only seen at Cambridge /Oxford special showings.

A visually distinctive, intelligent, beautifully scripted, classy contemporary drama.

Marcus, a successful lawyer (Damian Lewis) is the son of a High Court Judge (Ian Holm) now married to a dog-&-garden-obsessed - though emotionally repressed wife, (Harriet Walter). Gloria - an immigrant, single mum and Hep C suffering sex worker is played by Penelope Cruz - who finds herself aggressively resisting the tentative aid of a fragile social services worker, (Rhys Ifans). Marcus's wife, Iona (Kristin Scott Thomas) is a privileged, sexually frustrated, shoppaholic mother who becomes perturbed by her young son's relationship with his godfather, (Ralph Fiennes). At work, Marcus unwittingly discovers a momentous secret - ripe for exploitation by his old friend Trent (Ben Chaplin), a struggling investigative journalist, desperately in need of a break.

The stories interweave with others and the film explores the psychology, dynamics and value systems of modern city life. Each character is forced to confront their lives and their disengaged flawed lives they inhabit.

A brilliant cast all acting their socks off, the movie is a thought provoking visual feast. This is a thinking, feeling emotional/ psychological film. Gripping and sumptuous. It is a contemporary and challenging.

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