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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by euroGary 7 / 10

A quiet character study

New Yorker Ben (writer/producer/director/editor Matt Fifer, who looks very much like pornographic actor Calvin Banks) is experiencing - 'enjoying' would perhaps be too strong a word - a life involving copious amounts of sex with both men and women when he meets Sam (writer Sheldon D Brown). The two immediately connect on an emotional level, helped not only by their shared physical difficulties - Ben has a mysterious illness while Sam wears a colostomy bag - but also because both have experienced unthinkable, traumatic events in their past. The relationship continues through introductions to parents and meetings with friends, and the film concludes with both young men about to share secrets with their respective parents.

As far as the acting is concerned, Brown provides a good naturalistic performance. Fifer also aims for naturalistic, but unfortunately his effort involves drawling his speech so much that at times I could not understand what he was saying, with the result I worried I had missed vital plot points, such as a full explanation of his traumatic experience and what was the precise nature of his illness. There is not a massive amount of plot, but what there is adequately fills the 96 minute running time. I am not sure the film is particularly memorable, but it is a pleasant character piece and was certainly worth watching at least once. Seen, remotely, as part of the 2020 London Film Festival.

Reviewed by chong_an 6 / 10

Relationship, backstory, or action?

In this semi-autobiographical film, two men meet in 2013 New York City and develop a relationship. The time is set by the cicada emergence in New York, and harkens back to events in the earlier 17-year cycle. However, other radio reports of the Sandusky sexual abuse case seems to place the action 2 years earlier.

Early on, there was a rapid-fire sequence to establish Ben as being bisexual. However, The short-scene technique used later was just distracting, as if assembled by someone with a short attention span.

In addition to common relationship problems - like different speeds of feelings development and degrees of outness - both participants also have prior traumas that make it difficult for each one to move forward. That is one of the problems of this film - there is too much story potential, which makes each story feel underdeveloped, especially with occasional scenes of simulated sex. I'm torn between interest in the sex and nudity, and yearning for more time for character development.

Reviewed by roger-99-171599 7 / 10

A complicated and intense love story

Based on real events, this poignant and melancholic romance focuses on the complicated relationship developed by two Manhattan wounded souls, the former promiscuous painter Ben, and the African-American tomb researcher Sam. Directed by Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare, from a screenplay by Fifer, who also plays the lead character Ben, the film subtly blends fiction and doc, as both men delve into a personal self-analysis, exploring their real experiences as modern gay men. Contagiously delicate and humane, it depicts the obstacles imposed by trauma against love and commitment, and how we must fight it. Highly emotional and intimate, it also points to relevant facts on racism, intolerance and abuse.

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