Circle of Deception


Crime / Drama

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Alison Wandzura as Jean Huden
Paul McGillion as Russell Douglas
Jill Morrison as Brenna Douglas
Tamara Tunie as Detective Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scriabin17 4 / 10

Bad mystery movie!

The book was much better than the movie! Too many plot holes and continuity skips makes this one a hard sell to watch. Diane Neal;'s performance was quite over the top but better than all of the Canadian actors combined!

Reviewed by deedrala 6 / 10

I don't think this is a Lifetime movie

This can't possibly be a Lifetime movie because:

1) the two lead actresses weren't built like anorexic pre-teens - they actually looked like real women, old enough to be the mothers of the usual little girl lead actresses that star in most all LMN movies

2) the houses of the characters weren't massive mansions that looked more like fancy hotels/resorts than homes

3) there were several appropriately placed curse words that sounded like real people actually talk

4) it wasn't the usual over-the-top formula LMN 'psycho stalks and terrorizes and manipulates clueless good girl/guy' flick

5) it was well-acted all around and well-directed

I realize it was a true crime story and it was done as thoroughly as possible, given the complexity of the case and plethora of details in the actual case that had to be trimmed down to an hour and thirty-six minutes, so a lot of the details had to be left out. Surprisingly, though, it was still pretty riveting and held my attention to the end. Kudos to the female director - we need more women directors!

6 out of 10 / Grade C

Reviewed by perfectioneludes 10 / 10

Very Entertaining

This is the first Lifetime movie we have watched and were unfamiliar with the true story or book. We quite enjoyed the movie and plan to watch others. Diane Neal did a good job.

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