Circle of Friends


Drama / Romance

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Ciarán Hinds as Professor Flynn
Colin Firth as Simon Westward
Aidan Gillen as Aidan
Minnie Driver as Benny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rondine 9 / 10

A movie with universal appeal and charm.

A movie that is at turns witty, charming, heartbreaking and truthful. There are many kinds of movies, and an entertaining and joyful movie is not the least of these. This is the kind of movie you can watch over and over again & never tire of it. The performances are fresh and sincere, and the script and direction are flawless. I recommend this movie if you want to see a slice of life that is simple and frank in how we relate to each other as human beings.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10


Perhaps not having read Maeve Binchy's book, in which this film is based, and never seeing the film when it was released, helped this viewer to enjoy it, perhaps more than most people that saw it in its commercial debut. Pat O'Connor and his adapter, Andrew Davies, give us a portrait about the friendship of three young girls in the story, as they go from childhood to womanhood in the Ireland of some time ago.

We meet the three friends as the film opens. There are Benny, Eve and Nan, who are inseparable. They grow up and their relationship continues right through adulthood. The three friends go to university and we see them attending Professor Flynn's class, which seems to be the girls' favorite teacher.

Nan, the prettiest of the three has no prospects of marrying into money. She decides to go after Simon Westwood, a wrong choice that turns out even worse when she discovers he couldn't care less for her. He just wants to marry money and she doesn't have it. Eva, the orphan girl brought up by nuns, has no prospects either, but she has a cottage in the country that Nan finds convenient for exploring her sexuality with Simon.

The best adjusted of the three friends is plain Benny, who seems destined to marry her father's clerk, the reptilian Sean. She has her eyes set on Jack Foley, the hunky jock. Jack in turn likes her, but things intervene between them.

Minnie Driver, is a marvelous presence in the film. She makes the plain Benny come alive. Saffron Burrows is perfect as the vain and beautiful Nan. Geraldine O'Rawe plays Eve. Chris O'Donnell is Jack Foley, who makes a good impression. Alan Cumming, Colin Firth and Ciaran Hinds are perfect in their supporting roles.

"Circle of Friends", while not breaking any ground, is still a good movie to watch because Pat O'Connor's direction and the ensemble acting cast.

Reviewed by Eve9 3 / 10

utterly disappointing

Having just completed the novel I decided to rent the movie. I knew that it wouldn't compare to the book, but the story was practically unrecognizable. Multi-dimensional characters were simplified (Eve had no spark in the movie, no anger), leaving you with little indication as to what their thoughts and motivations were. I was particulary disappointed to see that the special circumstances surrounding their initial meeting on the first day of university (the motorcycle accident) was completely rewritten in favour of a lack-lustre introduction. But the biggest disappointment was taking a story about friendship and turning it into a romance movie.

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