2020 [WOLOF]

Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 581

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Jimmy Jean-Louis as Prof. Lucien N'Dyare
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by afungfegeevita-64307 9 / 10

If it were food I would say mouth watering

The film citation is a necessity, I do not see where it would ever run out of relevance. The actors were carefully picked and displayed such professionalism, the location were amazing never new had such good universities in Senegal , the arts and craft of our African leaders carved out the African identity.

The message this movie carries, how it was told is so special, insightful and artistic. The suspense is on another level, the melange of feelings it creates to us the viewers is something else.

Citation is a must watch go watch it on NETFLIX

Reviewed by docbiancapeace 3 / 10

Unnecessarily long

For me, This movie has a good story but it was unnecessarily long, had unnecessary scenes and it was slow. Plot holes and weak acting that appears so exaggerated. Boring, not gripping, baffling Unrealistic characters as well for a Nigerian setting. I had to keep checking if I've watched up to 45minutes. The plot holes were terrible nothing made me want to watch more

Reviewed by autravelsandtours 2 / 10

Beautiful storyline BUT It was a waste of precious 2hrs

The story line should get a 10/10 because I can understand the trust and deception that could occur between a naive, young and smart lady and a much older personality both in academics and age. I rate the acting 2 because it was so obvious it was an act, none of the actors OWNED the character portrayed. It was bland and cold at the same time. Unfortunately, I sat and watched just because I'm not a quitter.

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