1984 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaefab 4 / 10

Could have been so much better

The main issue with this movie is nothing happens, it started off good but could have been sooo much better.

A part from a few gory effects not even worth to mention its more of a descent into craziness then anything else.

Reviewed by translationislost 5 / 10

Unexpected attention in China

This film has been a hot internet topic in China for the last few years, although they didn't know the film title. In 2007 a post appeared in one of the largest Chinese online forums, requesting more information about this film, thousands of people commented on it and tried to find the film title since then. The film was dubbed to Chinese and shown on cable TV channels in the 1990s, according to the post, it has become many people's childhood nightmare and they wanted to know more about it. Unfortunately, the dubbed version has translated the title to something related to aliens, thus no one was able to find the original title of the film, not until 2014, in spite of all the efforts. People shared what they remembered about the scenes in this movie, more people got interested even haven't seen it. It became a legend, a mystery no one could solve. 2014, someone claimed to own a VHS tape but he refused to release it, unless he was paid. Finally, in 2015, someone announced the title thousands or even millions of people were looking for : Clash (1984), France. It was a very bizarre journey for an otherwise unnoticed film. I wonder if the cast and director know about the story and what they will feel about it.

Reviewed by Superwonderscope 5 / 10

Strange, did you say strange?

Utterly low-budget-horror-wannabe movie telling the story of a young girl lost in the middle of nowhere, chased a by a strange man. I'm not even sure I understood all the subplots involved...

Brian Yuzna fans, move over, it is not a gory-fast-and-furious horror gem. CLASH is rather slow, concentrating on the atmosphere more than the effects.

Rather unusual for a French horror movie, Raphael Delpard chose an obscure plot mixed with some gruesome effects (good ones, by the way), full of incoherences,'s working, as an essay on arthouse fantasy movie. Bizarre atmosphere -shot in an abandoned warehouse-, foggy's supposed to be the representation of a nightmare. None of what's happening is rational or explainable.

At the end, it depends on your mood: it's either irritating or clever in some parts, amateurish or made in a highly professional way of making you think it's amateurish. Catherine Alric (who bears a frightening resemblance with Catherine Deneuve) is impressive as the young heroïne and so is -Pierre Clementi as the stalker. Though this movie is really really hard to find you should give it a try if you can. A kinda thinking man's horror movie.

But if you're looking for a real french horror movie, very scary, full of gory effects and a very special screenplay, try the awesome DEMON DANS L'ILE. It's a masterpiece of fear.

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