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Sean Bean as Ewan
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Reviewed by meldavies74 9 / 10

Sean Bean nails it!

For me, Sean (aka 'Ewan') puts on a fantastic performance, in a film where I was also very impressed with Peter Polycarpou (aka 'Nabil'). The romance between Ash and Kate felt very believable, not all actors/actresses can pull this job off.

It was a film that touches on a very serious subject, so for all you rom-com addicts, prob not one for you, lol! However, although a serious topic, you'll find some light hearted humour in parts of the film.

Have already recommended to friends and family, purchased on DVD myself, so go and watch too if you already haven't.

Overall, a great watch with some excellent action shots and twists and turns throughout.

Reviewed by fung0 8 / 10

Tough, but Fair

If you're expecting James Bond, or even Jason Bourne, you've come to the wrong place. This is a brutally realistic film about how both sides in the so-called 'War on Terror' bend every rule of civilized conduct in order to further their own questionable ends. It's a story about people who have absolutely no doubt that their ends justify the means... even though those 'ends' long ago ceased being particularly noble, if indeed they ever were.

The story concerns the journey of one Middle Eastern man from political agnostic to suicide commando. His compelling, if fairly obvious, tale is counterpointed against the gradual awakening of the British assassin sent to track him down, operating well outside the rules of police work or even espionage.

There are no laughs in this movie, no car chases. There is extreme violence, and a lot of incentive to question the purpose of that violence. The characters are strong, as is the message. Unfortunately, those who most need to hear that message are likely to either avoid this film entirely, or conveniently misunderstand it.

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 5 / 10

All mixed up

This is a film that stirs many elements into its brew but in the end it came out a bit boring. There is the home grown terrorist played by Abhin Galeya. There is the secret service man played by Sean Bean. There are the senior agents played by the woefully underused James Fox and Charlotte Rampling. There is Peter Polycarpou as a radical leader. Each one mouths clichés throughout the film so there are no surprises and it drags on fitfully to the predictable ending. There is a germ of a good film here but it never came to fruition.

The only good thing were the atmospheric shots of dear old London where the film is mostly set. And of course nice shots of a topless Tuppence Middleton, but not enough to keep one interested

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