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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 7 / 10

Ecological revenge with a liberal dose of sadism ........

Admirers of Graham Greene are in for a real shock with "Clearcut". This is not the lovable Indian character that you are used to seeing Greene playing. When the Native Americans lose in court trying to stop a logging company from cutting trees, Greene resorts to kidnapping and murder. This is an ecological revenge story gone terribly wrong. His method of influencing the owner of the logging company turns proactive, with sadistic torture replacing reason. I'm sure the intent of the writers was to send some sort of sympathetic ecological message, but the screenplay misfires badly if that was what they hoped, and any sympathy clearly lies with the captives. Be prepared for an unrelenting trek through the wilderness, with Greene dishing out liberal doses of sadism. Shockingly entertaining. - MERK

Reviewed by LaxFan94 7 / 10

A supernatural being doing "evil" things for the benefit of the environment

This film was worth a 7 to me because I loved how Arthur threw his weight around with Peter and Bud. Arthur only behaved that way with them because he needed to teach a very valuable lesson on how nature can never be tampered with. Obviously Bud and Peter never saw it that way nor did they see things from the Native perspective the way Arthur did. Since Bud never cared one way or another what happened to the trees because he was the papermill manager. He only cared about profiting from those trees so he needed them to be cut down. Peter's problem was that he was trying to take both sides of the issue to try and please Arthur and Bud. Since Peter was a lawyer it was his intuition to see things from all sides. Although the Natives lost the court case, Peter however did try and smooth things out and ease the tension for everyone involved and for that, I give him credit.

But it was from Arthur's viewpoint that makes this film so cool. The important lesson needed to be taught to the other 2 men. Since Arthur rightfully committed those acts of violence towards Bud, Peter and those police officers because that was really the only way the situation was to be handled. If Arthur was just a regular human, he may have put up a fight but I don't think he would have gotten away with the things he did. He just would have been arrested and put away as "just another Indian who's only place is in jail". Ironically enough, Bud and Peter were arrested by police at the end of the film. Wow, what wrong have they done to society?? LOL The 2 men felt like THEY were the victims of the whole ordeal, not Arthur! LOL

Well............ anyways............ thanks for allowing me the time to review on this film as well. Take care. ;)

Reviewed by Snowgo 8 / 10

Great Performance by Graham Greene

First of all, I'd like to make a shout out to IMDb: The main characters of this movie are 1.) Graham Greene 2.)Ron Lea 3.) Floyd Red Crow Westerman and bringing up the rear, Michael Hogan. (Please edit the movie's page accordingly). This was an excellent and unforgettable movie, especially to those of us who appreciate and respect the soul of Mother Earth. Graham Greene provides the character of the Earthly guide we would all like to meet.., and then become. The spiritual instruction I got from this movie was great: Find your power. Embrace your earthly existence (including death). Respect life. Two profound moments stick out for me in Clearcut: One is when the three men, Greene, Lea and Hogan, are deep in the northern wilderness, at night, as wolves howl. Greene (Arthur) turns to Hogan (who is playing the part of an abducted, callous, arrogant lumber mill owner) and says, "Those are your trees. They are wailing." Arthur's love for the land is obvious, and has accepted his role as warrior. Something we can all learn from.

The other moment that stands out for me is when Arthur is trying to explain "oral tradition" to timid lawyer played by Ron Lea. He takes a small snake out of a bag and assertively bites its head off. "That's oral tradition". he says.

The immediacy and vitality of the Native American oral tradition is expressed therein, without words. I could not give this movie a 9 rating because of the receding, reluctant, stubborn and stunted character of Peter Maguire, played by Ron Lea: What could have been a powerful statement for individual bravery, transformation, expansion and catharsis became, instead more of a debate of cultures.

The sweat lodge ceremony should have been the awakening of Maguire's personal soul power. Unfortunately, all he got from it were a few unrelated, nebulous images that flashed through his head a couple of times in the movie, usually of some substance (blood?) dripping on a rock.

It's pretty obvious that the movie's producer did not want Clearcut to be an unabashed statement for environmental preservation and activism, the way a couple of Steven Segal's films were. Even the title, "Clearcut" says to me that they wanted to frame the movie in non-Native American terms.

Honestly, I have not heard so much whining from one character since Lorraine Bracco's character in Medicine Man. If I had been Arthur, I would have killed Maguire first, just to get him to shut up.

None of this, not even the brazen, disrespectful lines given to Bud Rickets (the lumber mill owner), or the fact that they wrote him to survive the ordeal, takes anything away from the stunningly-powerful and eminently-valuable performance by Graham Greene, though.

If you are somewhat feeling powerless and want to do something different with your life, to break free of how you see and do things, watch this movie. Greene and Red Crow will not disappoint.

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