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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by walentys 6 / 10

A Reflection of Kevin Smith's Mortality

The Clerks franchise, being the one that launched Kevin Smith's whole career off, is clearly his most personal and dearest to his heart out of all of his IP. Therefore it's no stretch to assume each Clerks entry is an amalgamation of what Smith himself is feeling or reflecting on in his personal life at the time of creating it.

And this time around, with Kevin Smith fresh off of a heart attack in his real life, it's no accident that themes of mortality heavily seep into every pore of this film. And what happens when we're smacked in the face with our own mortality? Much like the trope of our "life flashing before our eyes", it's very commonplace to look backwards into the past at good times and view them under a different, more appreciative lens.

This film is exactly that: the artist looking back at Clerks 1 (mostly 1, but a little bit of 2 as well) through that nostalgic lens. Smith's reflection on his own mortality bleed through to the characters flashing back on their lives in the same manner. Smith called this film his "Jersey version of Cinema Paradiso", but I saw it more as his version of Fellini's 8 1/2, especially given that he is literally holding a camera in the film.

The trilogy is now thematically complete: Clerks 1 embodied youth, part II aging, part III dying. While Clerks III may be an interesting enough art piece for these reasons, it's just nowhere near as funny as the other 2. To be fair, it's not really trying to be most of the time with the heavy themes it's taking on. But still, it is a Clerks film and a comedy, therefore it does have humorous lines and moments all throughout, even in the more morose moments. And these were simply nowhere near as funny as the other 2 Clerks films.

Overall this film did an excellent job on the nostalgia & fan service if Clerks means a lot to you personally, but otherwise it is the weakest entry in the series in terms of comedic substance.

Reviewed by gregoryparmer-49843 10 / 10

Here it want the truth?

Want to know what a 45 year old white guy has to say about Clerks 3? Well, right now, I'm trying not to cry between the public theatre and my own apartment.

Are you kidding me, Kevin?

Why did you go and make the best film I've ever seen in my entire life when I'm this old?

I have survived two heart attack deaths so I understand the depression and desires that follow them. I also had a 100% blockage on my last one, 20% survival rating and had the same through crotch doo-hickey performed. And once open, I could also breathe.

This film was too close to me.

Way too close to me.

This was close to me not because of the two heart attack deaths I had, but because the two people I have loved the most in life had to deal with them.

As a convenient clerk for most of my miserable life I knew that if anyone could understand me It'd be those two Jersey boys, Dante and Randal.

But more than that, the writer of those cats, Kevin Smith, and his awesomeness sidekick, R2-Jay (bahaha)

"You touched a brothers heart," alright .... (a little Pumpkin Escobar for you)

But you've also made me laugh since I was 17.

And that...."that's a mighty long time...and I'm here to There's something else..."

Sorry, Now I'm going lyric happens

I'm so emotional right now and the cat won't even hug me.

Look man...

I just want to thank you for always being apart of my life and being the Sir Kevin Smith of GEN-X, our Captain Kirk, our Jedi Commander, our savior from boredom, our savior from the public nuances that we had to deal with on crap paying jobs...

Only to come from the screen In a voice approved by The Lord, "CROM" or whatever Elias believes in

To tell us it wasn't all for nothing.

Thank You Thank the entire Cast I'm going to go cry now.

***IMDB: There are no spoilers here...go see the film or the Clerks 3 Convenience Tour***

Reviewed by darkreignn 8 / 10

Very funny and surprisingly touching

Yes, I was the guy who was practically sobbing during the finale of "Clerks III." If I wasn't so embarrassed to weep while sitting next to one of my best friends, I can tell you with full confidence that I would have been ugly crying before this film drew to a close. And that fact is what makes "Clerks III" one of the most unorthodox comedy films in recent years, but also one of the most emotionally satisfying ones.

Admittedly, I am a huge Kevin Smith fan - admiring him more as a person than as a filmmaker, I think Mr. Smith is a hilarious, humble person whose storytelling techniques make for funny anecdotes and engaging narratives. His question and answer sessions are legendary in terms of their comedic value, and I find myself enjoying the man so much that I can't help but look forward to his movies. And - unlike his abilities to recite the spoken word - his filmmaking skills do seem to be hit or miss. While I have enjoyed a majority of his films, I do recognize that many of them suffer from a lack of focus; relying too much on overindulgent humor and overly drawn out editing that lingers on jokes and scenes so much so that they wear out their welcome, Kevin Smith movies can be diamonds in the rough. Granted, bits of dialogue and drama that border on genius are always sprinkled throughout Smith's films, always elevating his movies, risking making them great if only these sequences weren't in between sequences of crude humor that, no doubt, alienate mainstream audiences. And "Clerks III" is no different, except for the fact that it contains a surprising emotional punch that shows Kevin's newfound maturity.

Yes, "Clerks III" has all the juvenile humor your precious heart could ever want, but it's all wrapped around a touching story of friendship and loss that will manage to cut deep into the souls of even the most jaded viewers. My theatre was full of uproarious laughter, but also of sniffles and nose-blowing, demonstrating to me that Kevin finally struck the perfect balance of drama and comedy - making "Clerks III" a dramedy, if you will. But that's exactly what makes this movie so good. Cleverly subverting expectations after giving audiences exactly what they expect, Smith created an emotional and simultaneously laugh out loud film that is sure to crowd please while also forcing viewers to come face to face with their own mortality.

So, if you're a fan of the previous movies in this series, you'll certainly find a lot of entertainment value from the sharp dialogue and witty gags that Smith has written into this film. While the humor doesn't hit as hard as it did in the first two movies, it still offers enough chuckles and belly laughs to tickle the funny bone of most viewers. The humor is more outrageous than the first film, but more subdued than the second, finding its footing in between stretches of emotional resonance.

When watching "Clerks III", you'll be privy to weed humor and potty-mouthed adults, but you'll also witness a very human story about friendship and coming to terms with life. I'm telling you, I didn't expect to practically break down in the theatre, but as tears rolled down my face I began to realize that I was watching Smith's most thoughtful movie since "Chasing Amy." And it is exactly this thoughtfulness that makes "Clerks III" work on multiple levels; you can walk into the theatre expecting a raunchy comedy, and you'll get it. You can walk into the theatre expecting an adult drama, and you'll get it. By giving audience members what they want in various different ways, this movie is a truly satisfying experience. That works for both Smith and non-Smith fans alike.

The more I think about this movie, the more I love it. With a wholly satisfying and life affirming ending, "Clerks III" is the drama wrapped in a comedy that I never knew I needed. If you are a Kevin Smith fan in the slightest, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie - and even if you're not a fan of Smith, I'd still recommend this film based on its dramatic merits. Not interested in seeing it? That's okay - after all, you weren't even supposed to be here today.

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