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Reviewed by OverAnalysisBoy 8 / 10

Flawed and cold, but sharp and haunting.

I've seen Closer described as a cinematic triumph, but it's precisely not. The film wears its theatrical origins on its sleeve, and the presence of the camera is mostly irrelevant.

It also fails in a more subtle way. Initially, I watched four apparently amoral people, devoid of depth or shame, being clever at each other in increasingly hurtful and exploitative ways, and my mind rebelled. This can't be right, I thought, people don't talk like this. Hell, people don't *act* like this.

Then the light dawned. The characters seemed inhuman because they are. They aren't people at all, they're philosophical positions. When they talk, they're not talking. They're saying the things that people only dare think, asking the questions that haunt anyone whose relationship has gone horrifically pear-shaped. This isn't the story of four people and four relationships, it's an attempt to compress everything the author believes about human relationships into a film and bend it into a story. It feels artificial because it is.

With that realisation, I actually began to enjoy it, because Closer is a very clever film. I wish I could disagree with more of it, because many of the things it has to say about human relationships are painfully true. Every mistake you've ever made in a relationship is in here, and it's guaranteed to make you squirm at least once. It's also blackly funny in many places.

Without exception, the performances are fantastic, with the honours going to Natalie Portman's emotionally scarred escapist who wears lies like they were armour, and Clive Owen's brutal, perceptive, and ultimately absolutely human dirty doctor.

Be warned! The marketing campaign may lead you to think it's a comforting rom-com, but it's not. I wouldn't advise going with your partner unless you're rock-solid. You may leave asking some uncomfortable questions, and wondering how well you really know them...

Reviewed by Matthew Smith 10 / 10

Closer to reality...

This is the most honest film I've ever seen. Although I'm sure there are critics out there who will comment on the explicit language rather than the story, anyone who's ever been in a dysfunctional relationship can relate to at least some part of this film. I for one found it a very personal and shockingly accurate depiction of how human beings use love and sex to unintentionally destroy each other. The performances were magnificent from all angles. Mike Nichols has done it again. This film is "Carnal Knowledge" for the new millennium. If the Academy does not recognize "Closer" as a Best Picture candidate, then the Academy should no longer be recognized as the authority on achievement in film... yes, it's that good.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 1 / 10

Inappropriate and overrated

If all films were like Closer, I'd never go to the movies again. As it is, it's a film adaptation of Patrick Marber's play, and this is the type of play that gives theatre a bad name. Marber writes in a style that "serious philosophers" will probably find very deep, but I couldn't stand it. I don't think talking about sexual details with total strangers is deep. I don't think it's deep to assert the idea that technology which is supposed to bring us "closer" actually distances us so much so that two men could accidentally have cyber-sex without knowing the gender on the other side of the screen.

Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen, and Natalie Portman are the key players in the film, each torn between two lovers. Anyone who is past their teens knows sex isn't the way to get to know a person, but in this film, the characters think jumping into bed or having extremely frank, inappropriate discussions about sex means they're getting "closer". It's not deep, it's not interesting, and it's not even well-acted. Clive and Natalie were nominated for Supporting Oscars, but I don't know why. Natalie prances around a stripper pole in a pink wig and a thong, so I can only imagine members of the Academy were distracted. I don't think showing nudity means the same thing as showing talent, but time and time again the Academy nominates women for baring their bodies.

Teenaged boys will probably love this movie. Everyone else can, and probably should, skip it.

Kiddy warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to strong sexual content, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.

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