Cloudy Mountain

2021 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 438

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Reviewed by GinaDRX 10 / 10

A must see disaster-action movie: brilliant acting, great visual & nonstop thrill

The movie starts off with natural disasters that put lives of 160,000 people in danger. The thrills kick in within the first few minutes, and keep the audience at the edges of their seats throughout. It is fast paced with great acting, amazing special effects and a touching story line.

The acting is brilliant. The characters are convincing and the cast have developed the story to the fullest. Yilong Zhu, the leading man, plays Hong, an engineer who stands up for his home and country, risking his own life. Mr. Zhu immerses himself into the character, with powerful and touching delivery. He takes on a journey when an ordinary man becomes a hero, faced with life and death, conflicts of sacrificing loved ones or his mission, at the same time overcoming his own weakness. Beside character development, there are loads of jaw dropping action scenes (just to name one, rock climbing at pro level) that you don't want to miss any ... I assure you Mr. Yilong Zhu's acting is the one of finest.

The visual is spectacular. The movie is filmed at famous scenic areas in Guizhou, with beautiful caves, mountains, canyons, streams... Meanwhile earthquake, landslides, mudslides, along side with breath taking landscape and impressive sound effects, will keep your eyes open the whole time.

The story is moving. A father and his son, a leader and her people, a teacher/guardian and her students, and of course a man and the woman he loves. There are places where viewers break into tears, yet plenty of funny moments. Humanity shines amid this natural disaster, which will make you cry and smile at the same time.

All in all, Feng Bao (aka Cloudy Mountain) is entertaining, intense and thrilling. This is a must see and thumbs up!


Reviewed by CPM16 10 / 10

Muscle & Brain, Thrilling & Touching. Why the low score?

Watched the movie and shocked to see the low scores. What's going on here?? Glad that the reviews are mostly positive and accurate.

Learnt about "Railway Soldiers" (Railway troops). They are definitely muscles + brains, meaning, soldiers at same time engineers. Yizhou Hong and his father are two generations of them. They are non stoppable. Free climbing to the most extreme, diving without equipment and car racing like a roller coaster. But hey, by feeling the air they know where the outlet of a cave is and with a tablet, they analyze geometry, landslip, weather and what not. And ready to beat up a boss guy yelling at his girlfriend. Very cool.

Have to say bravo to Yilong Zhu's playing Yizhou Hong. All the physical scenes and PhD+ scholar activities aside, he honestly and heartfeltly portrayed a man, protecting and needing protection, assuring and needing assurance. Very complicated role, layer by layer, eventually, dynamic and intense character presented by solid acting.

Impressed by the special effects and touching story. Almost felt like at the scene because the vivid presentations. Brought to tears at a few moments. Not forced into, just couldn't help it. Still feeling it as of writing.

Good film. Will watch again.

Reviewed by angeliqu3 10 / 10

A thrilling and touching movie

I was expecting a lot of action and there was; from the very beginning to the very end it never stopped. The special effects were incredible and made you feel as if you were in the middle of the action yourself. I didn't expect to be so moved, though. All characters are very touching. Especialy Zhu Yilong, whose acting was amazing, as usual. Jiao Jun Yan was very touching as well. Zhu Yilong had a wonderful chemistry with her and Huang Zhi Zhong who played his father. The relationship between the two was beautiful. Chen Shu's character was both strong and very humane and made me root for her. I love those stories where ordinary people do extraordinary things, in particular when they risk their lives to save others.

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