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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xmasdaybaby1966 7 / 10

This clown is no joke

Having watched Eagle Eye's interpretation of the excellent Professor T and not-so-good remake of Before We Die, I went back to their first release, The Clown.

Despite the very English voice of Helen Bonham-Carter (you know whom she is even if, like me, you have never seen her in anything despite us both being born in the same year) and based on the story by the national treasure Quentin Blake, there is a strong international feel to this unlike Channel 4's classic The Snowman and, to be honest, a lot less magical.

With everyone's Christmas plans thrown in the air due to covid then this may have passed some people by (I watched it in the heatwave if the following July).

I found it slow, clown didn't look loveable and the other toys didn't come to life but there is a sweet, but not exactly endearing, ending which kids will like.

The Making Of Clown programme was far more interesting for me but such a shame that most of the contributors from animators to musicians to production staff seemed to be from Italy.

I am sure it will sell well internationally with their own voice overs. This was just very far from being a very British Christmas animation.

I doubt it will become a festive staple but might keep your kids occupied for 20 minutes on one occasion.

I will look forward to this year's release, The Abominable Snowman with greater hope.

Reviewed by ninjaalexs 7 / 10

Clowning Around - Channel 4's 2020 Christmas Movie

Based on a story by Quentin Blake. Channel 4 marketed this short film as a Christmas event much like: The Tiger Who Came To Tea last year. Clown features the iconic artwork of Quentin Blake. I've been a fan since I read Roald Dahl books as a child.

The story is a simple and derivative one about a clown toy who gets discarded as the owner grows too old to have toys. The clown comes alive and goes on an adventure to find a new owner. Similar themes have been used in Toy Story (1994) and Raggedy Ann (1974 onwards). Given its short running time Clown is the lightest in terms of depth. The star of the show is the animation and music. Largely produced by an Italian company, it is frankly beautiful. Helena Bonham Carter does a fine job of narrating the story.

Given the hype surrounding this it's easy to be disappointed. I think it is style over substance, but it is infinitely charming.

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