Club Utopia


Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 75

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Samora Smallwood as Felicia
Brett Halsey as Sisco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bhalsey2 10 / 10

In my view it is a film about the owner of a strip club. The writer, director and some cast members may have a different opinion...

I have acted in some films that turned out to be disappointing when I saw them on the big screen. When I was offered the role of Cisco in Club Utopia I was immediately interested because I had already had a very pleasant experience working with the Director/Producer, Frank Caruso. When I read the script, I was doubly interested, and when we discussed the project and I learned who would be in the cast and crew, I was confident that I was signing on to a quality film project. In the end, when I viewed the final version of the film, I was very, very happy. We had made a film that I can be proud to recommend to anyone who enjoys a good, fun, fast moving comedy.

Reviewed by sandcrab277 1 / 10

the nadir of stupidity

This stinks worse than the dog crap the husband kept stepping in...been a lot of strip clubs since the 70's and never saw one this tame before....usually you can't see through the smoke and when you can its wall to wall naked women of all would have worked better with an actress that could actually strip and do table dances...perhaps you might see criminal types hanging around but not conducting business on the premises...disguises like trench coats, shades and rumpled hats went out of style with the 30's hard boiled detective movies....i don't the writers of this script have a clue

Reviewed by zipper1058 10 / 10

Great Movie!

The opening scene was so hilarious I was immediately hooked and drawn into the story. This film has it all! Great acting, unique characters, and a delightful fast-moving story that will keep you entertained. Sally's fantasies were hysterical. Her husband's reactions to them made me laugh until I cried. I saw the actor who played Alex in a drama. He is an amazing and versatile performer. I enjoy films where the writer also stars. Frank Caruso was perfect as Sabatini. The role was made for him. He and his partner in crime, Mr. Cologne, kept me laughing. I wish I could say more without spoiling. If you enjoy belly laughs and side-splitting comedies, this film is for you!

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