CNN Special Reports The Trump Insurrection: 24 Hours That Shook America



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Luv2Spooge 1 / 10

Is this a joke?

And here we thought only China controls their media. This here folks is the definition of propaganda, to lie, manipulate, and obfuscate.

If this was an insurrection... what do you call the Seattle/Portland's autonomous zones?

Reviewed by pensacolacomputer 1 / 10

The Mainstream media is so far out of touch.....

CNN, and the other far Left Democrat MSM idiots, will never let go of Jan 6th. Its all they have to hold on to. Meanwhile they will do everything in their power to not show or talk about the BLM and Antifa riots, nor show you anything going on with the disastrous economy, the border, the largest Inflation in decades, Afghanistan, the huge rise in crime, gas prices, know, what America really cares about. And CNN wonders why their ratings have fallen off the deep end??

I used to be a Democrat, and things like this "special" are why I left The Left.

More and more Americans like myself have finally woken up. Its time for us all to rise up, quit watching the garbage on CNN or ONLY seeks to divide us....


Reviewed by pietclausen 9 / 10

A Report giving the actual facts

Having followed the Trump saga from the beginning of his reign as President to his shameful downfall after the elections and his attempts to urge his followers to do what they did at The Capitol, it is shocking that this could actually have taken place in the USA.

This CNN Special Report is a factual summary of the day of shame, which will be remembered as one of the most shocking happenings in the history books. Is it all over? Trump, being Trump, will try his comeback in the next Presidential election and is busy setting up his own social media business so that he can communicate with his followers again.

USA, beware of the evil among you.

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