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Gary Galone as Coast Guard Officer
Erica McDermott as Angela
Amy Forsyth as Gertie
Kevin Chapman as Brady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waelageez01 9 / 10

Very Very good - My story in a movie

Me and my brother grow up in a family with both of my parents deaf, both of us were born not deaf and we had to go through the same thing that the movie captured, people used to laugh at us and our parents and we were young and we couldn't even understand why we were treated differently.

The movie truly is a masterpiece with the acting specially the deaf acting and the way they described how deaf people live their life is very realistic.

CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) The story of Ruby, a child who grow up in a deaf family, they depended on her as she the only one who could speak, and when she found her passion about singing, she has to decide whether she continue helping her family or leave them for college.

It's enjoyable and different I highly recommend this movie.

Reviewed by arizonaangels 8 / 10

La Famille Bélier but American

I could complain about how they felt the need to adapt a French movie from years ago... but I am just happy that this story gets to be shared with more people. Lovely story, coming off age, family relations. The resulting movie is a great feat, showing people a world they are not familiar with.

Reviewed by sweidman-28016 8 / 10

A Delightful Movie For All

As the opening for Sundance, CODA gave us a delightful story of a hearing child in a deaf family. She finds herself torn between pursuing her love of music and her family's reliance on her to be their connection to the outside world. I would like to say how much of a crowd pleaser this is. All of the reviews have come back positive saying this is the best opener since Whiplash. The performances are good all around. What got to me most is the family dynamic. It's something really heart-warming to watch that put a smile on my face the whole time. The comedy landed well throughout. The same goes for the drama. Sian Heder is a good director and we see the heart put into the movie. The story is where some of my issues came from. It follows a typical storyline that we've seen before in movies geared toward teens. It became predictable along the way and some of the scenes felt too good to be true. But I understand this isn't meant to be something to breakdown and analyze. All in all, this is meant to make us feel good and that's exactly what it did. I look forward to rewatching this again in the future.

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