Proyecto Emperador

2022 [SPANISH]

Drama / Thriller

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Plot summary

Uploaded by: FREEMAN
October 21, 2022 at 07:53 PM


Top cast

Luis Zahera as Arturo
María Botto as Charo
Luis Tosar as Juan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fernandoantelodiaz 7 / 10

A goog movie

"rara avis" in the current panorama of Spanish cinema. In my opinion the interpretation of Miguel Rellán is a little off the hook, I expected something more consistent. Overall, I think it's a good movie.

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10

Codename ... what?

Maybe I am too much of a fan of Luis Tosar. Maybe that is true more than anything (like me also being too nice to movies most of the time) - but maybe just maybe it is deserving ... considering the performance he is able to deliver ... once again. He is phenomenal - and if you think his character is one sided ... than you either have not seen the whole movie or didn't pay enough attention to it.

No offense, but even if you know or discover slowly what he is - there is more to him than meets the (private) eye! No pun intended. The thriller is predictable in at least certain areas - like the beginning. But it is important, because two major characters are being introduced. And because I had not seen any trailer or read anything, I was not able to know everything that would be going on. It kept me guessing for a second or two - is this going to happen next? Are they there, because .. someone else is there too? Questions will be answered - but as I already said, even more important is that we get to know the characters. Mainly the main male one - and how he ticks. Because he may be one thing mostly, but he also is a human. Which he shows later on, when he "helps" someone else with "girlfriend" problems! We need that scene to connect with him - no matter what is morally right or the fact that it may not be entirely morally right ... actually there is a lot wrong with what he is doing.

The thriller works on many levels - and yes our main character is flawed ... not just a little, but a lot. But he has to go through a journey ... he was one thing for a long time. You can't change entirely from one moment to the other. Will he be able to change? Will "they" let him change? Well watch to find out (no pun intended)

Reviewed by albertval-69560 7 / 10

A Welcome Departure from Usual Spy Story

It's not usually how spy movies are treated. This one takes a different tack in exploring the subject of political blackmail and manipulation by means of electronic surveillance. It's an engaging story without any dull moment as pacing is just right.

Luis Tosar is his usual great self as a talented actor. What might be surprising is casting an otherwise unknown actress with Filipino descent. And she acquits herself admirably. May this vehicle help Alexandra Masangkay's film career. The producers might have included her for the sake of inclusivity but they did not err in their choice or gambit, if you like.

This is a thoughtful film. Don't expect a surfeit of action sequences ala James Bond or Jason Bourne. But it drives home an important point: the things men do to exploit the weakness of others for their nefarious ends.

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