Color Me Blood Red


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanmora 7 / 10

"F is for...Farnsworth!"

This is the final film in the infamous Blood Trilogy from director Herschell Gordon Lewis and producer David Friedman. The trilogy also includes superior films "Blood Feast" and "Two Thousand Maniacs". While "Color Me Blood Red" is the most inferior film in the trilogy, it is still worth at least a one time viewing. The film does lack one thing that the other 2 films in the trilogy have and that is an original score. Both of the previous entries include a soundtrack that was scored by Lewis himself but for some odd reason he decided to use "canned" music for this one. The gore effects are also inferior to the other 2 entries...there aren't as many but one effect in particular is especially grotesque (this would be the scene where a woman is shown strung from the ceiling with her intestines dangling out and the villain squeezes the blood out of them in order to finish his painting). All in all this is one of the least entertaining of Lewis' gore films but is definitely worth a peek.

Reviewed by BaronBl00d 6 / 10

"Wholly Bananas! It's a Girl's Leg!"

Just what does a teenage boy bursting with testosterone say, while with his bikini-clad girl, they discover a dead girl in the sand? "Wholly Bananas ! It's a girl's leg!" of course. That is just one example of the laughable dialogue contained in this thoroughly un-artistic look at a painter who uses blood to create his art. He starts by using his own, then moves to girl models for their hemoglobin, corpuscles, and plasma for his creative inspiration. Color Me Blood Red is the third film contained in what is typically known as the Blood trilogy directed by that world renowned director of gore...Herschell Gordon Lewis. Yep this film has all the Lewis trademarks. Poor has it! Cheap sets too! And that acting only Lewis seems to bad it is funny. Many of the performers in here are so awful that one wonders how they were ever chosen, although the lead, Gordon Oas-Heim(Don Joseph) as Adam Sorg shows signs of mediocrity at times. For a Lewis film, Color Me Blood Red is a fun picture. It has some good honest to Gosh belly laughs(99% unintentional), and a story not too unlike Roger Corman's A Bucket of Blood. And the lead actress...Candi Conder does more than AMPLE justice to a very nice swimsuit! I had fun watching it...never took any of it serious and, for a Lewis picture, it has minimal gore(only four deaths). It gives new meaning to the phrase that life is a canvas!

Reviewed by Joaquin Verdun 1 / 10

Bad Movie!

This is a long and boring movie with horrible acting, bad directing, long scenes that don't add nothing to the story and that only has 4 deaths? WHAT?!It takes 27 minutes to get to the first death, but the course to it is so slow and uninteresting that you may get bored pretty quickly. There are two good things in this film, at least for me: the music and the ending. the music is really cool and pretty catchy, it makes a lot of the scenes a little more fun and up bit. the ending was what the entire movie should have been, and that sucks because it's pretty funny and bloody. For me, it was a waste of time and a huge disappointment.

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