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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

A remake of a film that just didn't need remaking--but it's still worth a look

HIGH SIERRA was an exceptional Bogart film and it helped to make him a bonafied star. However, like Hollywood tended to do in the 30s and 40s, they remade this film less than a decade later! However, considering how good HIGH SIERRA was, Colorado TERRITORY can't help but come up a bit short even if it is still a good film.

Joel McCrea gets the unenviable task of repeating Bogie's role, though in this case the film is set in the Old West. The plot is basically the same and everyone associated with the film did a fine job--but I still am asking why bother remaking such a good film? It's worth seeing, but unless you are a huge Western or McCrea fan, it's skip-able.

By the way, in an unusual move, director Raoul Walsh was at the helm of the original AND this re-make.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Everything but the dog

Who could have been a better choice for doing a western re-make of High Sierra than the original director of High Sierra, Raoul Walsh. He pretty well followed the plot line of High Sierra and had every character in there, but the dog who was an alleged jinx.

It could have been a better film and the trouble is with the miscasting of Joel McCrea. McCrea in my opinion was the solidest of western heroes, at his best when he's playing straight as an arrow good guys. Wes McQueen is not a straightforward good guy at all here and McCrea just can't get a handle on the character. You want to see McCrea at his heroic best, look at stuff like Union Pacific, Four Faces West, or The Virginian to name a few. I think Randolph Scott or Dick Powell would have been better casting here.

That being said it's not a bad film, but it could have been better. The women here are Virginia Mayo and Dorothy Malone playing the parts that Ida Lupino and Joan Leslie did in High Sierra. Mayo is the tough as nails broad in this just like Lupino. Malone's character is far from the innocent that Joan Leslie portrayed. It was another rung up the ladder for Malone to that Oscar she got for Written on the Wind.

The rest of the cast is populated with such veterans as Henry Hull, Basil Ruysdael, Harry Woods, Monte Blue, John Archer, and James Mitchell, stalwarts one and all. Frank Puglia plays a Franciscan Friar who winds up the real "winner" in this film.

The ending is different than High Sierra and I think Walsh took some inspiration from Duel in the Sun. I won't say more.

Reviewed by rmax304823 4 / 10

Second-Hand Stuff.

Raoul Walsh does his usual yeoman-like job of directing this mediocre Western with Joel McRae as an outlaw trying to make one last big haul by robbing a train, Dorothy Malone as the young woman he thinks he loves, and Virginia Mayo as the girl who is, as he finally realizes, made for him.

Walsh also directed the original story, "High Sierra", with Humphrey Bogart, Joan Leslie, and Ida Lupino in the same roles. "Colorado Territory" absconds with the story but leaves John Huston's felicitous script behind as scraps.

Walsh has never directed a dull film, and this isn't dull. What it is, is simple minded. All of the subtlety and ambiguity that made the original so fine, so artful, is discarded and instead the characters and their motives are simplified to the extent that any particularly aware third-grader can grasp them.

What I mean is -- how should I put this? Maybe I can make the point by giving an example. In "High Sierra", Bogart meets a simple, kind old man with a crippled grand-daughter who needs an operation. That's the teen-aged Joan Leslie we're talking about, and, man, she looks good, though rendered sullen by her disability. Bogart comes into some loot and gives much of it to Joan Leslie's family so that she can have her operation. Meanwhile, he falls in with Ida Lupino, a whore who has been kicked around, loves Bogart, and will do anything for him. Before adopting Lupino, Bogart tells her that there's no place in his life for her. (He's thinking of settling down with Joan Leslie once she's fixed up.) Leslie's operation is a success and from her recovery bed she showers Bogart with gratitude -- but not love, as she explains to Grampa. On his next visit, Bogart finds her drinking and jitterbugging frenetically with a boyfriend. Leslie is still grateful to Bogart but she rejects his possessiveness, and he leaves her forever with Ida Lupino. Huston and Walsh fill these scenes with love, ambiguity, a frantic hope and a hopeless remorse.

In the remake, the Joan Leslie figure, Dorothy Malone, has nothing wrong with her except that she is greedy and treacherous. Although McRae gives the family enough money to start their farm, Malone tries to alert the sheriff to MacRae's presence in order to collect the twenty-thousand-dollar reward. The Ida Lupino character, Virginia Mayo, actually has to have a physical fight with Malone to keep her from rushing out the door. There is no ambiguity, no sense of real life. Malone is not a nice, if slightly empty-headed girl, who wants to just enjoy her new freedom. She's a bad girl.

"Colorado Territory" is miscast, as well. Joel McRae is a good light comedian or light action star -- a nice guy. He's not the tough ex-con that Bogart was. And Virginia Mayo is supposed to be part Pueblo Indian, though she looks about as Indian as Jean Harlow, the heavy makeup notwithstanding. One of the most touching (because grounded) elements of the original is that Bogart had to give up the vivacious young Joan Leslie for the older, husky, used, and rather plain Ida Lupino. In the remake, the succulent Virginia Mayo of 1949 could give Dorothy Malone a run for her money any day. It's like a high-schooler having to give up his romance with the head of the girl's cheer-leading squad for the love of the Prom Queen. There's not much of a sense of loss.

I've picked out just one set of relationships to compare, but any viewer could easily spot a dozen more in which the original is superior to the remake. (Humphrey Bogart, describing what a Tommy gun sounds like, taps his finger three times on the desk and says, "Tap tap tap. That's all." Nothing like that here.) Nice location shooting, but if you want to see a movie made for adult sensibilities, rent the original. This remake is pretty watered down.

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