Colt 45

2014 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1950

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Richard Sammel as Major
Amr Waked as Baron
Simon Abkarian as Commandant Luc Denard
Alice Taglioni as Capitaine Isabelle Le Franc

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Weapons expert

If you were (or are) a cynic, you would be excused to think this could be an ad for pro gun people/organisation. The NRA will surely love this, if they have watched it that is. Then again, this being french they may not even be aware of it. But if you leave that aside and just can enjoy the movie for what it is: a fictional crime story with lots of action.

The stunt/action scenes are really good. And as mentioned the movie is french and up until now there is no remake in sight, which is a bit surprising. You could see an US version of this for many reasons. Apart from the already mentioned, the tension is there and the movie really holds up everything until the end. Which may or may not be dissapointing to some ...

Reviewed by s3276169 6 / 10

Wasted potential....

This film had almost everything going for it. A good cast, solid idea and the potential for lots and lots of gun play.

Sadly it was let down by some not insubstantial shortfalls in the story including limited character development. There's a real absence of logic in a lot of what takes place story wise with a thin overriding motivation on the part of the bad guys, that does not stand up to scrutiny.

The potential for contemporized Western style gun play is lost too. A great showdown between the key protagonist and his nemesis is watered down and disappoints.

Characters, equally, who look interesting and could have jelled well ,enhancing the story, are either overlooked or killed off too early, to contribute anything meaningful.

This is such a shame but sadly what you are left with is a marginally watchable French cop drama with a flaky story-line and a few underwhelming gun fights. 5/10 from me.

Reviewed by happytrigger-64-390517 10 / 10

a stunning destiny for a young gun champion cop

From Belgium, here comes the fifth movie directed by Fabrice Du Welz.

And what an excellent thriller, a unique and tragic initiation for a young cop who is the most skillful in guns but refuses to get involved in criminal investigation. But he is required by some very special cops, and what a hell... in the french war police. His story is diving in deeper and darker waters...

Ymanol Perset is perfect in playing this magnificent character. We must not forget Gérard Lanvin, Joey Starr, Alexandre Brasseur (remember his father Claude in Robin Davis movie on a similar subject 35 years ago) and all the others. Special appearance by Gerard Watkins (son of Peter Watkins).

Du Welz direction is precise and full of strong surprises, offering us a 85 minutes masterpiece, no length at all.

Hanx to Philippe for recommending it since a long time.

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