Columbus Circle


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller


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Amy Smart as Lillian Hart
Selma Blair as Abigail Clayton
Giovanni Ribisi as Detective Frank Giardello
Jason Lee as Charles Stanford
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Reviewed by jaroincabo 10 / 10

Suspense with a twist! !!

This is an incredibly original movie nothing like it before. I can relate to this as a person who enjoys his privacy and alone time.

Reviewed by Jonathan Nolan 10 / 10

If you like Agatha Christie's BOOKS, you will really like this film.

The top notch actors make this film better than some people might think it should be. However it is on its own merits an excellent mystery thriller, with a wonderful soundtrack and a LOT of details left for the audience to see, if only they realized they were significant! On second viewing those details leap out at you.

If you guess the plot in two minutes the performances and pace will still keep you enthralled.

This is NOT a windows click generation type film with constant sex, bad language, violence or similar gimmicks. It's very much like a taut version of one of Agatha Christie's books -- in fact the murderer in it is 'textbook' Christie.


Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

Good rental

I found "Columbus Circle" highly entertaining. I figured it out, probably pretty early on, but I watch this kind of thing constantly.

The story concerns an agoraphobic woman, Abigail Clayton (Selma Knight) who is actually from a hugely wealthy family. Her disappearance made news years earlier; she has changed her name, never goes out, and slips notes under her door for the concierge. Her only contact is with her doctor and family friend, Dr. Fontaine (Beau Bridges).

When the elderly woman next door dies, Abigail wants to purchase the apartment; then she would be alone on the penthouse floor. To her chagrin, the apartment is leased to a couple, Lillian and Klandermann. Meanwhile, Abigail has been bothered by the police because, though the woman supposedly fell, it looks to Detective Frank Giardello (Giovanni Ribisi) that she may have been murdered.

Things get worse for Abigail when it turns out that Lillian is a battered woman who begs her for help.

This probably could have been a great movie in different hands. As it is, it's pretty good and also fairly typical of smaller films. Selma Blair reminded me a lot of Lara Flynn Boyle back in the day. I won't say the acting was Oscar-worthy but I've seen much worse.

Having lived in New York City for 30 years, I'm not really sure why Columbus Circle was chosen for this fabulous apartment building. It added nothing to the story. It's not the ritziest neighborhood in the city. I would have chosen something near Bergdorf's, which is directly across town on Fifth Avenue, or the Lincoln Center area, or Central Park West.

Anyway, a good movie to rent.

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