Coming Home in the Dark


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by travisthegrimm 6 / 10

Intense and Sometimes Shocking

I really did enjoy this film. It was brutal, tension filled, and I liked the fact that these many acts of violence weren't just "cause we wanted too" but that there was an actual reasoning behind it.

The directing was brilliant, the sound design was spot on, the performances were top notch... my only complaint is the script. It starts off so strong but loses its way towards the end. I think for a film that answers most of your questions, the ending just leaves you with more that you didn't even know you had. I also think the running time was just a tad bit long.

But these are just my own opinions. I truly think if you love thrillers or slow burn horror (this film definitely gives off horror vibes) than it is definitely worth your time.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

Entertaining, bold, shocking and complex - a gem

I haven't always been the biggest fan of New Zealand films in the past. So I went into 'Coming Home in the Dark' a little guarded. By about the 20 minute mark in the film though I knew I was in for an absolute treat. There is a truly shocking scene early in this film that sets the tone for the entire premise. It tells us that nothing is off limits and nothing goes without saying from here on out. This is a seriously good film.

The best villains are always the ones you can sympathise with. You don't have to side with them or agree with them in any way, you just have to understand where they're coming from. 'Coming Home in the Dark' has two of the more expertly crafted villains I can remember seeing in a film in a long time. At first there's a bit of a 'Funny Games' feel about them, however as the film goes along we realise there is a lot more going on behind the confident facades than we first imagined.

I will not ever be the type to enjoy or praise a film simply because it is made in New Zealand. That didn't factor into my love of this film in the slightest. This film doesn't need that. It is more than strong enough to stand on its own. It is unpredictable, original, bold and layered. Not to mention a very entertaining ride at the same time that will have you on the edge of your seat. Bravo James Ashcroft. This is a gem you have delivered us.

Reviewed by JvH48 8 / 10

Intriguing plot and even more intriguing developments about accountability, guilt and maybe revenge. Secrets come out during a long car ride

Saw this at the Imagine filmfestival, usually in Amsterdam but now 100% online. What can possibly happen to a family that is more dreadful than what we saw in A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick 1971) or Funny Games (Haneke 2017)?? This movie seems to follow a similar path, at first sight, but there are important differences. The killing of the two kids at an early stage, allows this movie a headstart in dreadfulness. It also leaves no doubts from the outset about the drastic intentions of the armed drifters who take the couple on a long car ride to an uncertain destination. Anything can happen underway or at the endpoint.

After half an hour, the resemblance with the two movies from 1971 and 2017 disappears. We learn that the two perpretators have some axes to grind, dating back some 20 years. They are not harassing them as random targets. It makes a great difference, so aforementioned two movies are no candidates for comparison. Yet, the resemblance popped up immediately in my mind when reading the synopsis, though proving to be a red herring as the story progresses.

For spoiler's sake, I cannot reveal much of what happens next. It's all about accountability, guilt, maybe revenge. Memories are refreshed during a long ride to the place where it all happened. One of the stories even drives the two parents apart (how could you allow that). Exactly what it all entails, is revealed bit by bit. It is no spoiler when writing here that there are no winners nor losers, just victims.

The Q&A with director James Ashcroft after the screening was very informative. Firstly, the theme originates from documentaries the director has contributed to, about institutions who were responsible for educating younger people, without taking the proper care to protect these juveniles. Even the difference (is there any?) between acting badly versus not interfering when something bad happened, is explored. Secondly, there is no real lead role. All interactions are relevant and become more and more important while the story progresses. Thirdly, an interesting detail about casting is that Erik (Hoaggie) is well-known in his country from TV, where he plays roles of friendly characters. He was nevertheless prepared to take this role.

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