2014 [TURKISH]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1699

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ilayda_kiyi 8 / 10

Excellent Non-stop Thriller

I've just learned this movie because of Ozan Aciktan's new movie. I think this movie is his best project. I loved the scenario. But the best thing about this movie is that the choices of directing for the atmosphere are perfect. This movie has interesting opening scene, which I loved. It's like clip or trailer and. He tells us in the opening what kind of tension awaits us in the story.

Reviewed by aliyorgancioglu 9 / 10

Instant noir classic in Turkish cinema

Great plot and excellent execution. Intense and involving story comes to life with Ozan Aciktan's perfectionist directing. Film starts in a slow pace climaxing after a steady and gradual climb. Aytac Usun, one of the supporting actors was amazing in his first full feature acting job. Although film noir is not a common genre in Turkish cinema Silsile will make my top 20 Turkish films list. Tardu Flordun also shines in his role getting a few big laughs with his carefully measured acting. Watching Silsile was like a fresh breath of air in Turkey's not so diverse cinema today. Director of photography Ahmet Sesigurgil did a great job capturing the story's intense and dark atmosphere.

Reviewed by tormuskedimveben 10 / 10

Realistic Crime Story

"Silsile" is one of the most realistic crime movies holding a story getting through clashes between social classes, betray, passion and love by keeping Istanbul night view behind. Dialogues, acting are very successful and story is really thrilling as expected from a crime movie. If you like this kind of genre, Silsile will not make you unsatisfied!

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