Costa Rican Summer



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Pamela Anderson as Pamela Anderson
Susan Ward as Aunt Carla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

Oh my God!

This movie was supposed to be a teen comedy? Ehm, it never got anywhere near being a teen comedy. It was much more like watching a creature with its final death gurgles! It was unbearable.

The story was lacking contents. It seemed like someone had an idea during a drinking party, and that idea somehow made it to a movie.

Throughout the entire movie, I laughed maybe once. And that was at the vomiting scene. That, however, was priceless though. The rest of the movie was attempting to be funny, but never got its head above the waves.

Out of the entire cast, only Susan Ward (playing aunt Carla) was the only one doing a good job. The teens had no emotions and lacked the ability to come through on the screen. The guy who played Dinger (Peter Dante), wow... that was unbelievably unbearable to watch! And how they managed to get Pamela Anderson into this movie is beyond me. But just take a look at her "acting", she seems like she doesn't really want to it as well.

And what was up with the fake Swedish accent? People from Sweden do not sound like drunken German people in a bad World War II movie. I am from Denmark, and I know what Swedish people sound like when speaking English - and this is not it at all!

This movie is wrongfully labeled 'comedy'.

You might like it if you are into surfing and enjoy mindless movies.

I just read on IMDb that there is a part 2 on the way. That fact is simply beyond my comprehension! My advise to you is to stay well clear of this movie! It is a waste of time, and trust me, you don't want to let an hour and a half go to waste on this. Sadly, I did, and I am scarred for life.

Reviewed by jasiel 4 / 10

Expected more

It has something that makes you want to keep watching, perhaps the fact that it reflects the true life in the area, but the movie itself is not that funny.

The 2 Swedish girls and the 2 surfer guys are lame in the acting role.

I am from Costa Rica and I like the fact that it really feels like you are there, the noticeable lack of expensive filming equipment gives the impression is a low budget movie but at the same time provides a more natural / relaxing effect which is what non-commercial beaches should give you. So I give them credit for that.

Also, not very impressed with the character of Dolittle. He does look like a surfer but those fantasies, completely unreal and not fun in my opinion.

Reviewed by shinnstheory 6 / 10

Better than the 2.2 IMDb Rating

Is it a great movie? No. Is it really funny? Not really. But, it's not worth the current rating. This is the type of movie you don't have to pay close attention to, to enjoy. The T&A alone is worth a 4 rating. If you're looking for something to waste a little time, while soaking in a little nudity, try this one. The chicks are hot XD.

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