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Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 4 / 10

Could This Be Good?

Nah, not really.

It does have moments where it seems like it's gonna get things right on track but then it goes and ruin that possibility fairly quickly, often due to poor editing with countless of flashbacks on repeat and scenes where the audio is cut off completely just to add some sappy music and make a slow montage scene instead.

Not that I think that many editors could have made a whole lot better of the material they were given though.

Romeo Miller and Tommy Ford appear on the poster which could make you think that they are leads, but they are not.

Drew Sidora is however as well as Steve Sutton, the latter is one of the better actors in the movie and is pretty much the only reason why this movie didn't fall completely apart (although at times it seemed like it would).

The romance side of things aren't terribly interesting in all honesty a lot of sob-stories about being cheated on and way too sappy for it's own good.

But it has a fairly interesting sub-plot about the ethical struggles of being a lawyer unfortunately that plot is sort of squandered away in the end with not much of a resolution to the problem... But that could be said about the whole movie tbh.

I've seen worse movies, and I didn't hate it but I don't really know if that's much of a compliment.

Reviewed by dnbaeb 3 / 10

What happened?

This movie was like 4 movies in one and no concept of how to get from one place to the other. There were some good actors playing the characters of the young Sandra, Terrance and Terrance's boss, but aside from this, it was awful. And pallleeeaassesse, someone explain to me why Sandra is in a wheelchair with no memory at the end, however Terrance who got shot twice, is seemingly perfect. Make it make sense, please.

Reviewed by fyniaina 2 / 10

Not worth the time

I watched this movie because I thought the lead actress was cute but it's wasn't enough to bear through a movie that was all over the place and very poor editing. It's really not worth it. Just don't waste your time, this is not something you want to speak from experience about. Just take our word for it and don't watch it.

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