Countess Perverse

1974 [FRENCH]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 548

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shaza123 8 / 10

Jess Franco Takes on The Most Dangerous Game

Have you read the Most Dangerous Game, also known as The Hounds of Zaroff? It's a short story by Richard Connell that came out in the 1920s. Even if you haven't read it, no doubt you know the story, there have been countless adaptations and movies based on the same idea. People trapped on an island, and being hunted off one by one by some very sick individuals. Sounds like Battle Royale, sounds like The Condemned, even sounds like the recently popular tween flick, The Hunger Games. What can I say, it's a damn good story. But I bet no one has ever seen anything quite like Jess Franco's version of this popular tale. Can you imagine if the fans of The Hunger Games saw this?! It would blow their minds!!! This is the one and only, Countess Perverse.

Countess Perverse follows the story far more closely then the previous mentioned adaptations, our villains are even referred to as Countess and Count Zaroff. The only difference being, Franco adds a certain... flavour.. to the mix, to make this flick quite the tasty treat. And of course, when Franco is involved, we know things are bound to get a little saucy. Actually that's an understatement, think of this as a very...sensual... version of the Most Dangerous Game. Some might even call it sleazy. And it is, I do recall a rape scene that very quickly turns into a consensual encounter. And of course the forever lingering shots directed at female genitalia, oh Franco, you romantic you! For the most part, the entire cast spend most of the movie nude. And with stars such as the always gorgeous Lina Romay, it's quite a sight. Rejoice for the human form and all it's beauty!

To add more beauty to this somewhat erotic movie, we have a gorgeous setting. The island is breathtaking, it's surrounded by beautiful ocean views, menacing rock formations, and interesting architecture for the Mansion that our victims find themselves in. The scenes where our cast walk down the steps in the house, tinted red, is such an interesting and menacing shot, it really stood out for me.

Finally, the music is quite beautiful in parts and also quite tribal in others. Really sets the movie for me. Just gorgeous. I'm coming to appreciate the musical sense in Franco's work. He knows how to tone the scenes.

Final thoughts? Most people probably would dismiss this movie as trash or porn without giving it more of a chance. It's unfortunate because this movie offers so much more than that, and while some scenes might be considered borderline pornographic, the film goes above and beyond those scenes. In a similar vein to Lorna the Exorcist, it's a damn good movie and one I recommend fans or Euro horror. Just be warned that this is an 18 years and over flick. Sorry kiddies, you keep enjoying The Hunger Games.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Jess Franco's racy variant on The Most Dangerous Game

Countess Ivanna Zaroff (ably played with lip-smacking evil and predatory aplomb by ravishing redhead Alice Arno) and her husband Count Rabor Zaroff (Franco regular Howard Vernon in wonderfully suave and wicked form) are a couple of decadent wealthy aristocrats who hunt folks for sport on their remote island paradise. The meat of their victims is cooked and fed to unsuspecting guests who in turn are forced to participate in this most warped and dangerous game.

Writer/director Jess Franco relates the engrossingly twisted story at his usual trademark hypnotically deliberate pace, makes excellent use of the breathtaking scenic locations, does an ace job of crafting a strong dark atmosphere of stark amorality, offers a nice sense of casual sadism and debauchery, and concludes the grim plot on a perfectly nasty and downbeat note. Naturally, Franco also delivers oodles of tasty bare distaff skin and several steamy semi-pornographic sex scenes. The sound acting by a sturdy cast holds the picture together: Robert Woods as reluctant flunky Bob, Tania Busselier as Bob's sympathetic wife Moira, the ever-luscious Lina Romay as naive and sweet innocent Silvia, and Kali Hansa as the frightened Kali. Gerard Brisseau's sharp cinematography provides a lovely picturesque look. The funky-throbbing score by Oliver Bernard and Jean-Bernard Raiteux hits the groovy-grinding spot. One of Franco's better movies.

Reviewed by lexdevil 1 / 10

Positively awful

One loses hope and faith in mankind when presented with a film as completely and utterly dreadful as Les Croqueuses. One of the very worst Jess Franco efforts, this film is basically an unattributed remake of The Most Dangerous Game with nudity and hardcore inserts. Filled with the worst of Franco--overuse of the zoom lens, long boring sex scenes, and static set-ups--it is hard to understand how IMDb users could rate this so highly (two '9's, two '7's, two '6's, a '2', and my very generous '1'). For Franco or Howard Vernon completists only.

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