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Rob Lowe as Billie, a.k.a. Crazy Six
Burt Reynolds as Dakota
Ice-T as Raul
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Reviewed by saltkjegs 1 / 10

I have seen a lot of movies, but none of them is even close to being this bad.

Yeah, that's right. If I were to ask my friends this question: "What's the worst movie you have ever seen?" They might reply something like "Armageddon" (can you drill the hole?!?), "Shriek", "Plan Nine From Outer Space", "The Medallion", "Scooby Doo" etc... No - Don't get offended by this by thinking you have seen something that might be in the same department of naturally produced human fertilizer that this movie is in. If the worst movie you can think of is, let's say so bad it really pisses you off; then you know nothing my friend.

Crazy Six... I remember the day me and a buddy of mine went to the local video store to rent a movie. Both of us had already been through most of the movies in there, and on the "new movies"-shelf we see it staring at us. "Wow, there's some good actors here man. Says something about mafia, lets just get it and get out of here". This was without doubt the worst movie mistake in my movie loving life. It was also the worst mistake for everybody else: movie lover or not.

Watching this movie is as fun as watching a glass of ice cold water (or ice-tea....) until it reaches room temperature. Watching this movie will make you dream an eternal dream of death, if death is just blackout light and nothing, and then you realize you are just staring at your TV-monitor. Not staring. You are actually paying as much attention that is humanly possible. This is no joke.

This movie is the perfection of making a bad movie. It's not the kind of bad you can watch, point and laugh of, its the kind of movie that is so bad you actually have no chance of ever get out of your memory. Unless perhaps you use electric shock therapy to clear out the brain. .... ... (Hey! That might be something similar to how I remember me and my buddy felt after watching it....)

Best regards from me to you Albert Pyun.


Reviewed by Zargo 6 / 10

it's not quite that bad...

Granted, it's no Mean Guns, but it doesn't quite deserve to have a rating under 2. It had a fair few dull scenes, but the last half hour is pretty good. It's true that the credits are the best part though, but that's because the music's so good, much too good for this movie.

Reviewed by gothdog 6 / 10

Great aspects but NOT FOR EVERYONE

I loved this movie.

I've seen a few other Albert Pyun movies and generally think that his work helps define the low-quality end of the low-budget spectrum.

However, one thing about low-budget films is that they are unique opportunities for strong visions to emerge on the screen relatively free from studio and focus-group interference. At their best, they become a rare opportunity to see things that you won't get to see elsewhere.

This film's story is highly cliché and confusingly plotted, and along with the tight-focus, highly stylized camera-work, minimalist dialog and slow pacing winds up creating a movie that's hard to stay with.

The fact that the main character is a junkie nearing the bottom end of his addiction also discourages viewers uncomfortable with disturbing subject matter or looking for a strong, sympathetic main character.

However, however however...

If you understand that this film is not about plutonium, guns or mobsters but is about two lost souls who, in finding each other, manage to find a future where none existed then you may enjoy it as much as I did.

Burt Reynolds' character is so oddly out of place and restrainedly loopy that he comes strongly to life and accentuates the feelings of alienation and displacement in the rest of the film. (He also foreshadows his role in Striptease.) Rob Lowe is utterly compelling and heartbreakingly realistic as a junkie who knows his addiction is killing him and who has given in to feeding it instead of fighting it. His character strongly parallels Cage's alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas.

The film is so bleak, that when Crazy Six tells Milicevik's character that he won't, can't give up crack even to have a relationship with her, the honesty of his confession strikes an optimistic note. When Milicevik then decides that since he won't quit, she'll start again in order to be with him, it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

In this desolation, the end of the movie, which is as cynical as real life about the slim chances of these two characters surviving addiction, economic hardship, parenthood, and going on to build a strong relationship, still feels uplifting and positive.

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