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Lyman Ward as David Perkins
Klaus Kinski as Hans Rudy Hofner
Wendy Schaal as Beth Sladen
Diane Salinger as Melanie Bryce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Cheesy and gruesome Alien clone

Despite being an adequate low-budget ALIEN rip-off which at least offers a nifty pacing and plenty of grue for your buck, TITAN FIND doesn't have much to recommend it at first glance. Firstly is the no-name American cast of never-were actors and actresses and the bad sign that a front cover-billed Klaus Kinski only appears for fifteen minutes or so. Secondly, the low budget, resulting in often enthusiastic but cheesy special effects. Thirdly, the openly derivative nature of the script and story, which throws two spaceships into the plot (one German, one American) instead of one, but which still goes through the same old motions and even employs some movie references before its time (THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD gets name-checked AND ripped-off, which must be some kind of achievement).

Somehow, TITAN FIND still proves to be a fairly enjoyable venture, if nothing particularly special or memorable. As mentioned previously, the pacing is fast and the story light, and with a wealth of low-budget action to keep things sliding along nicely. The film does attempt to build some atmosphere, with lots of suspenseful stalking through dark corridors and dry-iced landscapes, which works on occasion. And although the special effects are cheap, they are at least plentiful and sometimes extraordinarily gooey, incorporating all manner of mangled cadavers, splattering blood, and a surprisingly graphic head explosion into the action. Also included are a slimy man-in-a-suit who plays the chief creature (again totally ripped off ALIEN in appearance) and some slimy space slugs which attack themselves to the brains of the dead and can use them as zombies.

The cast does well with the script (at least those who have developed characters and who are not just easy cannon fodder) and some of the performances are surprisingly charismatic. Klaus Kinski is always good for entertainment value and this later role provides him with a mad German scientist, who gets to babble on about aliens whilst grinning inanely and molesting female crew members - a case of art reflecting life, perhaps, for the notoriously perverted actor? It's just a shame the he doesn't get more screen time. The film stops and starts with a series of mini-climaxes before the credits finally roll, climaxes which include an ultra-cheesy and hilarious "electrocution" special effect for the alien, and an amusing race-against-the-bomb-timer finale. Although the film is often too dark for its own good, thankfully this doesn't prove much of a hindrance. Fun and cheesy if you're in a forgiving mood.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

low grade Alien

The universe is divided between competing corporations Richter Dynamics (W Germany) and NTI (USA). An NTI expedition uncovers an alien egg on Saturn's moon Titan. A survivor rams and destroys spacestation Concorde orbiting Earth's moon. NTI ship Shenandoah crashes upon landing on Titan. They find their German rivals dead with Hofner (Klaus Kinski) the sole survivor. The dead are being controlled by parasites from the creature.

This is a lower level Alien movie with a splash of The Thing. The problem is that everything is obviously reminiscent of Alien and strictly at a lower level. It starts at the beginning with the extremely cheesy dialog exchange with the two guys and the alien egg. It's so cheesy that it's funny. The sets are recycled. There are some perfectly good actors working here but they don't get anything good to work with. The melty blood-gushing faces are fun old-style FX but again, it's a funny thing more than a scary thing. The creature is a poor cousin to the Alien, even the first Alien. It's all inferior but not quite campy enough to be funny.

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

William Malone in Space

A expedition to Titan uncovers an alien being that goes on a rampage.

Director William Malone is considered one of the Masters of Horror. This is open to debate, and I think we can safely say that Malone is at least on the second tier -- he is not Wes Craven or John Carpenter and is probably not known to audiences outside the world of horror. His two best-known films are probably "House on Haunted Hill" (1999) and "FeardotCom" (2002), neither of which are classics by any stretch of the imagination.

"Creature" was his second attempt, following the largely-unknown "Scared to Death" (1981). He utilized his extensive collection of "Forbidden Planet" props, and hired the special effects crew of "Aliens". Some see this as a ripoff of "Alien", which is not really an insult if it is a good ripoff. Today, the film sits in the public domain and to truly appreciate it, you should watch the Malone-released uncut film under the title "The Titan Find".

The best part of this film? Klaus Kinski makes an appearance about thirty minutes in.

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