Creature Lake


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 126

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Reviewed by HerrSupahz 1 / 10

Awful Found Footage with Unlikable Characters

The summary says it all. This is yet another found footage waste of time with a group of irritating, racist/homophobic/misogynistic characters that can't get killed off quickly enough. Other downers include the weak plot, the awful sound editing (the growling sounds like it was recorded in a metal garbage can... listen with headphones for the full effect), the irritating "static, distorted video when the ghost/demon/monster is about the appear" effect.

I don't see how anyone watching this could have sympathy or connection to the characters in this movie. Aside from the camera guy and the black guy, the others are all awful, irritating jerks. Who has friends like these people? Maybe all the deplorable jerks hang out with all the other deplorable jerks, and leave the rest of us alone? If you have friends like these guys, the I suggest you watch this movie all the way through as it mount have a therapeutic effect for you when you see them getting killed.

You could basically swap most of the movie out with a similar chunk of film from another found footage movie and it wouldn't matter... there's about 10 minutes worth of plot invested in this, so watch the beginning when they're warned to not go into the woods, and then the last couple of minutes and forget everything in between... and won't won't have missed much.

If you've seen any of the many bad horror/found footage movies of the last 10 years, then you've seen this before... only it was probably done much better elsewhere.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Very low budget found footage horror builds to an effective climax

CREATURE LAKE is a VERY low budget found footage horror film from Canada. The main surprise about it is that it's actually quite good for what it is, the type of film that gradually involves you and gets better and better as it progresses. The main problem with the film is that the five cast members are all unlikeable twentysomething blokes who spend the whole of the running time swearing and screwing around, which doesn't really endear them to the viewer.

Otherwise this is solid stuff with a workable plot. The guys stay in a holiday home on a lakeside and become aware of something spooky in the woods. Not much happens for a great deal of the running time, but the climax suddenly builds to a very raw kind of horror that reminded me of KILL LIST. There's some gratuitous nudity and a creature straight out of one of Lovecraft's nightmares, as well as cult members and bloodshed. If the earlier part of the film had this kind of content it might even have been decent; as it stands, it's a mixture of typically bad and unusually good.

Reviewed by craigfisher-00980 1 / 10

The Lake Does Punish, if You Watch

This is number 8 bazillion in the list of low budget, lazy found footage films. Like many low budget films the box art is a lie. The monster you see doesn't exist. There are actually 2 monsters. The one you see for most of the film is a nude woman who does...something. There is also a tentacled monster you see for maybe 30 seconds - which is good because the CGI is awful. There are really no good death sequences or scares.

This film is notable for having horribly unlikable characters. I mean these dudes are a notch below your standard slasher movie fare where they are not just stupid but also grossly offensive.

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