Creature with the Atom Brain


Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 1276

Keywords:   murder, revenge, police, detective, zombie, gangster, nazi, scientist, hitman, laboratory

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Despite a very silly plot idea, it manages to work very well.

This is a pretty weird sci-fi/cop film, but because it is well written and carried off very well, it works. However, with such a strange plot, it could have easily just been a grade-z film.

The film begins with a robbery and murder. How the perpetrator was able to so easily snap the neck of the victim stumps the cops as well as the strange glowing trail left following the attack. A short time later, another man is killed in a similar manner. With the second murder, a pattern has emerged. Both men had testified years earlier in a trial of a mobster--who has since been deported to Europe. When a third man, also involved with this trial, is killed, it's certain why the killings are occurring--but how?! The police have a crazy idea that dead men are being reanimated using atomic power--making them robotic zombies!! As I said, it sure sounds like a plot that COULD have made for a dumb film.

Here are some of the reasons for the film working. First and foremost, the idea works because the writing is crisp and works well. Second, while the actors in the film are mostly unknowns (with only Richard Denning being recognizable to only a few discerning viewers), they did a great job--and the director did a good job eliciting good performances from all, though I must admit that the little girl in the film was a bit of a weak point--not terrible but not particularly good. Another minor problem is that the reanimated folks talk just like robots BUT no one seems to notice this!! After all, this is a dead giveaway that something is amiss, but time and again none of the living seem to notice! Overall, this is a great film for lovers of 1950s sci-fi/horror/cop films. The rest may just find it all a bit silly, but if you give it a chance you might be surprised to see it's pretty good. It sure ain't Shakespeare...but it is entertaining.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Zombie hit men

Richard Denning was another actor who for better or worse got to do some truly dreadful science fiction films of the 50s. I think if you took the comparative works of him, Peter Graves, and John Agar it might be a good contest to see who did the most dreadful.

Creature With Atom Brain is among the dreadful. Denning is a doctor in a police laboratory who gets himself a pair of unusual cases, a mobster and a District Attorney killed apparently by the same man and method. Denning was only half right there, but his investigation leads to some startling conclusions.

Talk about evil combinations. Former gangland boss Michael Granger who was deported years ago with the DA's prosecution and his former underboss ratting him out. Granger while in Europe hooks up with a former Nazi doctor Gregory Gaye who has been experimenting with dead animals by injecting the brains with radioactive electric impulses.

Having a whole army of zombie hit men sounds like one fabulous idea for any would be Mafia don. So Granger and Gaye get some dead bodies and start recruiting. Lots of possibilities here, but Granger's going to settle some old accounts before moving on to new and better rackets.

These 50s science fiction movies, even the worst of them are entertaining in a strange way. I'll say that the production got good value on its minuscule budget. It gets hilarious at times though.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 / 10

How bad can it get?

Some science fiction films are so bad that they're good; this one is so boring that is just plain bad. Infecting human corpses and other living men into doing their nefarious deeds by brutally murdering those responsible for the breakup of a crime ring years before. The murders may be gruesome, but the explanatory scenes in between are sleep inducing. Made at the height of the atom film craze, this lacks serious suspense and continues to rely on annoying clichés that go back 20 years.

Hideously bad acting by the bad guys giving orders to the walking dead, this adds more idiotic clichés by giving leading man Richard Denning a typically boring domestic situation. The only scene I found amusing was when Denning's boss, turned into a monster by the evil scientists, destroys Denning's cloying little girl's dolly, giving me laughs for all the wrong reasons. While the swarm of approaching zombie like atom men march together, they remind me of an army of For Johnson's, but without the unintentional laughs and camp value of "Plan Nine From Outer Space". If the first 69 minutes of this turkey didn't make me gag, the final scene sure did.

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