Crime Is Our Business

2008 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Crime / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6 10 1029

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André Dussollier as Le colonel Bélisaire Beresford
Melvil Poupaud as Frédéric Charpentier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mancic2000 9 / 10

Absurdly hilarious and witty - an under-appreciated French comedy

I don't normally go for the comedy genre, but Crime is Our Business is just irresistibly and chokingly hilarious and at the same time extremely witty.

The acting by Mr and Mrs Beresford ignites the chemistry of the magically perfect pairing up of two top-notch comedians. The movie keeps its story line of murder mystery and suspense and at the same time is fully capable of supplying the audience with unceasing outbursts of laughters and satire.

An unmissable French comedy which is highly unforgettable and sets the bar higher for its counterparts. Welcome on board the insane business of Mr and Mrs Beresford!

Reviewed by guy-bellinger 8 / 10

When mystery meets screwball comedy

This is the third Agatha Christie adaptation (and second featuring Tommy and Tuppence) by Pascal Thomas and his best to-date.

Thomas is at the top of his art when he can combine mystery and sophisticated comedy, which is the case once again in 'Le Crime est notre affaire', a loose adaptation of '4.50 From Paddington' in which Miss Marple has been replaced by Tommy and Tuppence. The mystery is exciting (a murder without a corpse) but as was the case with 'Mon petit doigt m'a dit' the pleasure also comes from the offbeat atmosphere, the strange locations , the impeccable cast with the right talented actor or actress in the right place (special kudos to Claude Rich as the old stingy pain in the neck).

The icing on the cake is the brilliant dialog, filled with witty one-liners, exchanged by a wonderful couple of modern Myrna Loy-William Powells (I mean of course the marvelous Catherine Frot and André Dussolier), as the eccentric bickering-but-loving couple of amateur sleuths.

An entertainment of very good quality.

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Believe Me, You'll Want To Make It Your Business Too

Three years after the first outing for the Beresfords, By The Pricking Of My Thumb, Pascal Thomas brings back the impeccable Catherine Frot and Andre Dussollier for Crime Is Our Business, his third and best adaptation of Agatha Christie. This is our old friend the murder without a corpse - there IS a corpse, of course, but only Prudence's aunt witnessed the actual murder which, in a nod to Rear Window, she witnessed taking place in a railway carriage as her own train passed in the other direction. In the fullness of time the corpse does turn up and the murderer is exposed but what makes the movie - as it did the first - is the wonderful rapport between the two leads, punctuated with wisecracks in the style of Bill Powell and Myrna Loy. If it's unadulterated entertainment you're after - to say nothing of arguably the best reading of the Holmes-Watson joke that went round the globe around ten years ago - then this one has your name on it. Bring on the DVD.

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