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Marianne Faithfull as Club Singer
James Faulkner as Crowley
Suzanne Bertish as Lady Macbeth
Caroline Langrishe as Jenny Lamb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by b-somers-1 10 / 10

Must apologise to whoever wrote good comments

It may appear that I was lording it over all commentators, that it was I and not they who was brilliant enough to write this or any script. NO!!! And a thousand times NO!!! My lording it is ONLY over those who hysterically criticised the film and not those who saw good things in it. And please ..... have a little sense ..... a first time screenwriter is not at all powerful enough to force a bad screenplay on the financiers/producers etc. They made me write about ten scripts until I got what they thought was right. Crimetime was meant to be a funny/clever/ nasty little slasher movie and I think the producers and financiers were afraid of that - the video nasty scare was still in the air and they hadn't the guts to understand what the public wants. I'm afraid the acting with the exception of Pete and that wonderful actress playing the waitress(I'm serious!) wasn't what I wanted at all. Bobby was meant to be an utterly normal nice guy not the brooding presence that Baldwin was from word go. Finally read the Sight And Sound review (1996) for a less hysterical view that my detractors (one even criticised me for only having written German TV films!!!!).

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 8 / 10

Underrated B-movie with an edge. Ahead of it's time.

Oh how I like this little, low budget movie. The plot is somehow interesting and something I haven't seen much in any other movie.

The serial killer premise mixed with reality t.v. really got me hooked in. Also, the movie somehow deals with some kind of mental illness in the likes of "Memento". So there you go, you have an interesting plot and some really well done scenes of action and mystery.

The acting is pretty good. Those British are really good actors. I love the accent. Sadie Frost delivers a sexy, sassy performance. She was tremendously sexy in this movie with all those mini skirts. Sorry, I had to point that.

"Crimetime" is an underrated Thriller with some Sci-Fi influences. I dug the Reality T.V. situations because it's a topic way ahead of it's time.

Watch "Crimetime" with low expectations and you might enjoy it. I did.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 2 / 10

Bad Script

George Sluizer of THE VANISHING fame ( He made both the haunting European original and the Hollywood remake ) directed CRIMETIME . He shouldn't really be blamed for this confused , poor movie because all the problems lie in Brendan Somers script . It's ill focused and lazily written . For instance the killer hangs around a nightclub waiting to pick up a victim , any victim and starts talking to a teenage girl . Cut to the next scene where she tells the villain " I've told you everything about myself , tell me about your life ? " Unfortunately the girl has told the baddie her life story off screen and is a terrible example of the screenwriter not being able to bring a character to life through dialogue . I know for a fact how bloody difficult this is but for a screenplay that is produced the writer should have tried harder

It's difficult to explain the message of the film . At some points it feels like it's trying to be a British NATURAL BORN KILLERS satarising the media's voyeurism with crime ( Perhaps it even influenced the infamous video game MANHUNT ) but the script isn't witty enough to carry this off . When you've got a sex scene that doesn't progress the plot or characters or hint of subtext you know you've got a badly written screenplay and CRIMETIME is a badly written screenplay

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