Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse

2004 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6 10 19572

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Christopher Lee as Heinrich von Garten
Jean Reno as Pierre Niemans
Mylène Jampanoï as Pénélope
Cyril Raffaelli as Prêtre tueur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vogler 3 / 10

Raiders of the Lost Sense

This sequel is just disappointing. It starts with the great Vincent "Dobermann" Cassel not being in the second part anymore, but he wouldn't save that stupid story anyway. There are many interesting ideas, but when it comes to tie them all together, the end is mostly stolen from "Raiders of the Lost Arch". But there's even more fun in that flick: Nazi monks on 60 year old steroids, which make them invulnerable to bullets... Gimme a break! I wonder if Besson will ever learn that world war 2 is over (remember those evil German villains in "Taxi"?). Part 1 was far better, the story, and especially the appearance of Vincent Cassel. I really wonder how Besson/Reno can make masterpieces like "Leon" on the one hand, and junk like that movie on the other hand.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Suspense and action movie with a supernatural killer

The movie centers on Niemans (Jean Reno) the police of the first part who has to investigate weird murder series in isolated monasteries of Lorena (north of France) . He's helped by a tough inspector (Benoit Maginel) and join forces with a mystic theme expert (Camille Natta) , all of them investigating a series of ritual murders . They will take on Apocalypse angels , some monks with supernatural power and a villain (Christopher Lee) and his evil henchmen.

In the picture there is frenetic action , emotion , mystery , spooky sets and a little bit of gore . The movie is a crossover between the intrigue of ¨Da Vinci Code¨ , investigation means from ¨CSI¨, and ¨Seven¨ thriller . From the beginning of the film until the end , action-packed is nonstop , it is fast moving and that's why the picture results to be quite entertaining .

The final confrontation between the starring and the contenders in the ¨Maginot line¨ tunnels is spellbinding . The movie obtained a lot of success , as the previous part , featured by Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel . The motion picture will appeal to religious thriller buffs and dark atmosphere enthusiasts . Rating : 6/10 , well worth watching .

Reviewed by editor-92 5 / 10

What the ....

I loved Les Rivieres Pourpres. I thought it was atmospheric, dark and a bit sinister. But then how can you go wrong with Kassovitz as the director? Well, this sequel is just as atmospheric, but the story is complete crap. It has to do with an ancient order of monks, a member of the German ministry (Christopher Lee speaking flawless French), and a lot of running around. Benoit Magimel is great to watch. He has a lot of pent up hunky angst, which makes for great cinema, and man can he run! Jean Reno is fabulous - as always. The problem with this film is it is so obtuse. It's as if the writer - Luc Besson, need I say more - thought "hmmm I'll add in some ritual killings, some religious references, some fight sequences but leave out logic and any semblance of meaning." I finished watching the film and just scratched my head. WHAT THE F***? The first film makes you scratch your head in a GOOD way. This one just defies purpose. It's as if a chunk of the script was left out. Watch it if you like pseudo-religious thrillers - there's a lot to choose from these days - but if you really need something deeper; something Oh I don't know sensible, forget this stinker. It looks good. It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

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