Crippled Avengers

1978 [CHINESE]

Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 2360

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by winner55 10 / 10

"All in color, for a dime"

"All in color, for a dime" - that's what comic books were said to offer in their "Golden Days", action and adventure impossible to perform in "real life", presented in a colorful, but inexpensive, format. Of course nowadays, comic books cost as much as movies, and actually more than "bargain basement" video, such as this re-release of the Shaw Bros. classic "Crippled Avengers".

As I write this, "The Fantastic Four" is going into national release; it is hard to believe that Marvel Comics publisher Stan Lee spent some 30 years trying to get that film made; and it will have cost millions of dollars; and it involves tons of computer-graphic effects; and it is being hyped "4 wall", as the ad-men say, i.e., in every possible media, as if it were the new "Gone With the Wind"; when, after all, it is only a childhood fantasy, however entertaining.

Fortunately, by the time he began making the "Venom" ensemble pictures, famed Hong Kong director Chang Cheh had learned to stop taking such films all that seriously. While the production values of this film are quite good for their day, Chang Cheh is not intent on making a classic here. He merely wants to make a colorful comic book of a movie suggested by Chinese folk legends, allowing the Venom actors (most of whom had actually trained in dance and acrobatics) a chance to show off their athletic talents. And just to be on the safe side, he placed at the center of the film Chen Tai Kwan, a classically trained martial artist who had also developed considerable skill as an actor. His presence adds credibility to what, after all, is itself a childhood fantasy.

For its kind, for its day, this is an exceptional bit of genre fluff; and one has to mention the creative charge brought to this film by a performance ensemble in its prime, and in which everyone is clearly having a great time providing their audience with a great time. This film is just dam' fun to watch, and more than once! One loves these characters, despite the occasional bit of ham, and I repeatedly find myself in awe at the acrobatics of the concluding fight sequence, even though I have seen similar, & more spectacular, feats performed live (i.e., w/o the aid of editing) at a circus. I suppose that's partly because the actors rely as little on the editing as possible, and the director insists on getting as much on film in single takes as possible, and wisely shoots the fights in full-shot, so we can watch these bodies move with as much grace as the actors can conjure. But it's also because all involved are asking their audience to set aside adult judgments on their performance and simply enjoy a well-rehearsed and directed bit of old-fashioned Chinese-style showmanship.

When people say "they don't make them like they used to", this is the kind of film they're talking about. A genre-defining moment in the history of "old-school" kung fu films, this film was frequently imitated, and never bettered.

Reviewed by MrDefaulto 10 / 10

Five Deadly Venoms are the 5 actors

Just to clear something up, since a lot of people are complaining that it's not a sequel to five deadly venoms... Actually after the movie Five Deadly Venoms, that group of actors became known as "The Five Deadly Venoms" just like "The Rat Pack". So the title "Return of the Five Deadly Venoms" refers to a return of those 5 actors, not the 5 characters from the first film.

I saw this film when it was titled "Mortal Combat" which was actually quite a few years before the famous arcade game Mortal Kombat.

I hate to admit it... but I really do enjoy the dubbed versions. I know they add quite a bit of "cheese" to the movie, just like how ridiculous Godzilla is in English. And normally I would hate that.. but I guess since I grew up with the cheese, I enjoy it.

Either way this is a great film, I finally got ahold of the newly remastered version "Crippled Avengers" and it's worth getting. Much better than my "Return" DVD.

I rated it 10 out of 10 because it was the one movie from way back that stood out in my mind. I'm so happy i finally found it! still it's at least 8 without the happy memories.

Reviewed by sfstendebach 9 / 10

By far the best Venoms movie

Despite the title, this is not a sequel to The Five Deadly Venoms. it has the same actors and director, but the stories are not related. In my opinion this film is much superior to the original.

It is about an evil politician who cruelly disfigures four men. Once disfigured the four go to learn kung fu. After an amazing training montage, the four go back to get revenge. It is a really fun and campy film.

Besides the venoms it also stars Chen Kuan Tai; Chen Kuan Tai is most famous for his role in Killer Constable, another outstanding film. He has great on screen chemistry with the venoms. This is just a fun and violent film.

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