Cross My Heart


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1216

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Martin Short as David Morgan
Paul Reiser as Bruce Gaynor
Corinne Bohrer as Susan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bdavis-5 9 / 10

Very good for what it is, and possibly under-appreciated.

9/10. This is a small, intimate, comedic romance in which most of the story takes place in one apartment on one night. I imagine that it is the kind of set-piece film that actors and writers who love their profession look forward to doing. I painfully identified with David, had some laughs, marvelled at O'Toole's beauty, charm, and talent, and probably over-analyzed an entertainment that is not meant to be an exhaustive study on sexual relations in our secular society. Nevertheless, it seems to honestly portray a plausibly awkward third date between two ordinary, nice, intelligent, but nearly amoral adults. If you've only seen Short do caricatures and impressions, then you might be pleasantly surprised by him here. O'Toole is so believably natural that she doesn't seem to be acting. That impresses me when I consider how much of herself she must have revealed to Short and a set full of men with cameras, microphones, and lights. It must have been rated R because of the nudity and sexuality since there is, thankfully, little coarse language and no violence. *** Possible Spoilers Follow *** One lies about his employment status while the other conceals that she is a single mother. The moral issues of pre-marital sex and the need for a responsible father for the child are implicit in the story but are finally avoided by two characters who are motivated most by feelings. I didn't give it 10/10 because of the implausible plot device of a car theft. However, most might find it an acceptable way to facilitate a happy ending in this genre.

Reviewed by Crowbot-2 7 / 10

Half way intresting

Dating is a heck hole, and this movie prooves it. I think the story is great since everyone has been there, and the acting is real, so you don't feel that these people are just examples in some Lifetime film. I would of given it a higher rating except that during the middle, it slows down, and makes a person lose interest. So, if you are going to see it, try fast forwarding through the middle for full enjoyment, because not only will you miss the boredom, but you also won't have to see Martin Short naked.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

charming duo

David Morgan (Martin Short) and Kathy (Annette O'Toole) are going on their third date. They like each other but both are hiding something. Kathy is consulted by her sister Nancy (Joanna Kerns) about not yet revealing her young daughter Jessica. David just got fired from his job. His friend Bruce Gaynor (Paul Reiser) offers him the use of his new car and apartment. The date starts off badly with the car getting stolen.

This is mostly a two-hander in an apartment. The story is a bit of hit-and-miss. The dialog could be sharper. The directions are simple. This is all about the charms of Short and O'Toole. They are an endearing couple. It's worthwhile to see this for their fans.

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