Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 97%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 30823


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Mark Strong as John the Valet
Emily Beecham as Catherine / Maid
John McCrea as Artie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vardhan1219 9 / 10

A Surprise blockbuster

Should win some awards for the best costume designer.

Reviewed by Xamalion 10 / 10

Both Emmas are stunning

It is one of the best villain origin stories to date. I had so much fun watching that I didn't even see the twist coming, and when it hit, it hit in all the right places and took the whole story on another level.

Both Emmas are a joy to watch. They play against each other with so much life, it is simply fun and you cannot get enough. The dialogues are witty, fun but never cheesy. Even the Baronesse has her moments when you can glimpse through the curtain and almost see why she is how she is. You almost like her when she is nice to Estelle, but then you realize that she is not nice, she acts for once normal against her usual utter cruelty.

The score and the soundtrack are amazing. I had several goosebump moments because the music fits the scenes so perfectly.

The runtime is absolutely no problem, time flies when you have fun and beside a bit of a bumpy start there was never a moment I felt bored.

I only have one wish, and that is a sequel to this movie, because it sets the stage so well for more. Also I had wished to see Glen Close in a mini cameo at the end. Maybe when young Cruella looked in a mirror you could see a glimpse of the future. I would have loved that and it would be nod to the iconic Ms. Close.

Watch this, it is all the boring Harley Quinn movie wanted to be.

Reviewed by mike-nichols-789-714649 6 / 10

Digital blindness

I'm just making this review in hopes someone at Disney sees this. The digital dogs look bad. Your producers have what I call "digital blindness" where they can't see which digital effects look much worse than practical effects. Please use practical effects as often as possible.

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