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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jc666999 10 / 10


Not since I saw Wizards as a kid was I so excited about an animated film. Cryptozoo has a great weird story and intense actions sequences with beautiful animation that feels very Raplh Bakshi or Heavy Metal. Psychedelic. The voice acting is pretty great too, something always lacking in most american animation. I watched it without knowing anything about it as part of an international film festival and was very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by sweidman-28016 7 / 10

Fine But Should've Been Better

Cryptozoo is one that fascinated me even before watching. Cryptozookeepers try to capture a Baku, a dream-eating hybrid creature of legend, and start wondering if they should display these beasts or keep them hidden and unknown. The movie is entirely animated in an interesting style in a way the story couldn't be told any other way. As creative as an idea Crytozoo may be, the final product didn't always work out the way it should. Of course, the animation is the stand-out of it all. It's very unique and has moments that are just beautiful. Specifically the end of the second act and most of the third happen to be the most interesting visually and story-wise. Most of the movie is based on how strange it is so we lose the characters and why the stakes are so high. One character named Phoebe is the only one that I really connected with. She's a cryptid so we get her point of view on the subject. There are many themes of zoos and animal cruelty which is a good aspect to think about. Also, symbolism and ideas from well know stories - like Adam and Eve - are prevalent throughout. Even though the most striking aspect of the movie is animation, I wonder if the animation were "better animated" the effect would be different in some cases, but that really isn't an issue. This is quite an entertaining watch solely based on curiosity of it all. Most people are divided on this, but it seems they like it more than they didn't like it. I will revisit this in the future to see if the feeling is still the same. Overall, it's alright but should've been better.

Reviewed by deathgrip1234 7 / 10

A Cryptic Film

Cryptozoo is an interesting look at the relationship between idealism, the utopian vision, and the alluring power of controlling dreams by government forces.

The animation can go from being really good to mediocre. I have no word in for animation but I do give the artist one hell of a prop for hand drawing every scene. I really think the backdrops are incredible looking especially towards the end. As for the voice acting, it's very good. Love the acting and story. It's very unique and creative. My biggest complaint is the pacing and I can't tell if it's the animation or the editing. It goes slow, fast, slow, get it.

If you loved Dash's work from before, you'll most certainly find this film to be an improvement over the last.

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