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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lhicksonflint 7 / 10

Dubbing this rather than letting the people's voices be heard was a mistake

This is really interesting as it's made by someone with deep memories, love and bond with Cuba so why couldn't this be subtitled to let the characters tell their stories in their own way rather than be overdubbed which take so much away from them ... the authenticity is lost - maybe it's to suit certain audiences but it would mean so much more if you could hear their real voices and also for anyone interested in the language rather than it be homogenised ...

Reviewed by sfdphd 10 / 10

Beautiful travelogue and love letter to Cuba

This film was not just about food in Cuba, it was about the people, the culture, the land, the history. I feel like I got to travel to Cuba without the cost of the trip! Kudos to the director. We are taken to various places in Cuba and shown the food and culture of specific people in that area.

Mouth-watering photography, beautiful scenery, and such joy emanating from the people. I wish I could visit but I probably won't be able to get there. This film was an excellent substitute.

Reviewed by kz917-1 6 / 10

Food Glorious Food

A love letter to the people of Cuba and the flavors of the director's childhood.

The film goes into the depths of Cuba to rediscover the ingredients and recipes of Cuban cuisine.

The stories told and people featured are magical characters.

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