Curse of Mesopotamia


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 202

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shmarie 1 / 10

I Suspect Fraud: Chapter 3

I have honestly seen better acting in pornographic movies. In fact, the crappy far-fetched plot, the stilted acting (and in some cases over-acting) and the "exotic" mansion & location, I had to double check my purchase to make sure I wasn't in fact, watching an X rated movie. Maybe it would have been more interested if I had been though. It felt like an eternity for this movie to end with it's predictable plotlines, horrific acting and inane script. I BOUGHT this drivel (I was probably buzzed) after seeing the positive ratings on IMDB and, at the time, I did think it's synopsis sounded okay. Joke was on me.

Reviewed by imdb-560-331634 1 / 10

I suspect fraud

How did this movie get rated 8.7 of out 10. It's terrible. Wooden acting, hackneyed plot w/unattractive, improbable characters, inept directing, and the slowest pacing outside of watching paint dry.

Improbable characters seeking therapy for a communal dream are a psychiatrist (who believes in taking her traumatized patients on a junket to war torn Iraq), a black homosexual stud, a reformed porn star actress, a mute artist, a Mister Everyman, and an Islamic jihadist. Don't see many jihadists seeking therapy. In general, I don't think they're that introspective. Sounds like fun? It isn't thanks to the above flaws.

Favorite line - psychiatrist to jihadist, "I don't think joining a terror group is the answer to your problems", delivered by the actress without a trace of irony.

Based on 8.7 rating at the time, I rented this movie. IMDb owes me $4.99.

I suspect the director's friends and the cast and crew are responsible for the favorable ratings. Don't be fooled this movie is terrible.

Reviewed by meermiqdad 10 / 10


This film is so good i almost watched 2 times i have to watch it again because it is so good

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