Curse of the Nun


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 2.8 10 731

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rach-golder 1 / 10

Who else accidentally watched this instead of The Nun?

Within the first 15 minutes it became apparent I'd click on the wrong movie. Stuck with it just to see what happened in the end. Confusing storyline, bad acting and 87 minutes of my life and a pay per view fee I'll not get back. One thing I took from it is pay the correct price for pizza... I think everything's ok if you don't shortchange the pizza guy by 3 cents

Reviewed by tomsonst 1 / 10

Worst media file ever

I dont think that this should be called a movie. A repeated story, with bad direction,bad cast and bad scenes

Reviewed by owenfleet 1 / 10


This is genuinely the worst horror film I have ever seen, possibly the worst film I have ever seen. Bad acting, bad effects, bad storyline, everything about this film was bad. Even the prop gun lacked any real authenticity when shot. I understand this is a low budget film, but honestly, I think they would have been better saving the budget from this film and putting it towards something different. Avoid - unless you like your life being wasted!

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