Daddy Issues


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EmDee-427-469344 1 / 10

Boring self-indulgent snorefest

You can tell the lead actress was one of the writers. This boring self-indulgent movie was obviously made to be a Segway to better acting roles for her (and to highlight her comedy career (edit: 'career' because there was no comedy even in the stand-up routines that were supposed to be funny)).

In the movie a brat (who's obviously older than her 20's despite what they claim) blames trying to impress dead daddy for her screwing around, leaving someone who almost died, ruining her tenant's relationship by drunkenly dropping in on his dates with the gf...then at the end she "finds herself" because the male tenant gave her a 20 second quote featured in memes on Facebook (if she was sober enough to notice them).

Now someone has obviously been on here planting 10/10 typed reviews (I wonder who that could be).

Reviewed by rosalieammieramsden 10 / 10

Touching and very funny

Loved this sweet and poignant comedy. Feels very real and some genuine belly laughs. Also loved the lead actress, she's hilarious! Watch it!

Reviewed by victoriafaeh-12282 10 / 10

Humorously relatable!

Relatable, humorous, delightful. Datnow's performance makes us want to be Henrietta's best friend and share her funny experiences with her. A really well executed film with a heart-warming storyline.

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