Daddy or Mommy

2015 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6 10 4169

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Vanessa Guide as Marion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Comedy off

Not as in "not there" or shut off, but as in not your usual simple style. Some would call it inconsistent or lacking focus and flow. Also some might miss this going completely the slapstick route. But the rhythm this sets for itself does work. Set in the real world, with two people still sort of loving each other going off the rails, because of what society expects/pressures people into.

So the basis is fundamental and the movie has something to say. That it does with some over the top situations is either funny or boring to some. I still think it does a good job staying on the right side of funny. Which is a great attribute to the actors as well. They have to sell the being in love, but still fighting against each other. The chemistry is phenomenal

Reviewed by imseeg 8 / 10

Brilliant dialogue and story. Hilarious acting performances.

Even while writing this review I am still grinning about this wonderfully funny story.

The good: terrific funny story, original true to life dialogues, great acting performances. Perfect balance between comedy and true to life (lighthearted) drama.

Any bad? Not really anything I can think of.

The story: a couple is out of love for each other, although they dont hate each other and they havent cheated on each other. They decide to divorce and stay good friends. Even better, they say that divorcing is the happiest period of their lives. Are they for real or are they in total denial? Duh...

This story might sound weird, but the execution of this story is such a splendid true to life depiction of everything that happens when a couple goes through a divorce. What makes this movie special is that it is serious and funny simultaneously, that's a tightrope balancing act few directors get right. This one does!

A highly recommended warmhearted and funny movie about all the pitts and downfalls when divorcing your loved one...

Reviewed by yoggwork 4 / 10

parents to divorce all kinds of child abuse

Although the whole film is very relaxed and interesting, the plot and performance are also amusing, but not very like his settings, parents to divorce all kinds of child abuse.

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