Daisy, a Hen Into the Wild

2011 [KOREAN]

Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 7.0 10 973

based on novel or book animal anthropomorphism kodomo

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Min-sik Choi as Wanderer - Nagnae
Catherine Disher as Mother Hen / Toe / Wood Duck Mom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rahulsubsc 9 / 10

A heart touching movie

A simple heart moving story.

I was initially hesitant to see a South Korean movie with English subtitles. But I am glad I did. It is a story which will make you feel emotions that you forgot as one of the reviewers said. The story starts with a poultry hen, Leafie, wanting to be free. Leafie starves herself, so that she faints and is thrown out considered to be dead. She is then attacked by a weasel just to be saved by a duck. She is infatuated only to find him already in a relationship. It is a bumpy ride from there.

She happens to mother a duck and takes care of him. When the duckling grows older he rejects her for being different and calls her an abomination. The duckling gets captured by the farmer. Leafie rescues him with her friends. The duckling then starts understanding her love.

Don't forget to watch the ending and have a lot of tissues handy :)

Reviewed by totsnotfake 10 / 10

The most touching animated movie I have ever seen

Anyone who ever had, or ever was a loving mother owes it to him or herself to watch this masterpiece of Korean animation.

This is definitely one of the most touching, poignant movie I've ever had the pleasure to see. It will hit straight into your heart and awoken feelings you forgot you could experience.

Everything from the vibrant art style, flawless animation, well structured narrative, good balance of humor and drama and brilliantly orchestrated score brings this movie to a state of perfection few other animated features have achieved before.

Little warning to parents: Leafie deals with some pretty heavy stuff. I mean, you should definitely go watch it with your older kids, but the younger ones should probably sit this one out. It was, after all, based on a book for preteens and contains scenes of violence (don't worry, nothing too graphic, and this is definitely NOT one of those hyper-violent mindless summer blockbuster) and some heavy emotional investment that might not be suitable to younger audiences.

In brief: I recommend Leafie heartily to everyone, it's a definitive must-watch, but be ready to cry a river.

Reviewed by mikki-y 9 / 10

Truly moving

I watched this wonderful Korean animation with my mum and by the end we were both uncontrollably crying.

A short little plot of the movie: A hen escapes the barn and somehow becomes the 'mother' to a duckling, they bond beautifully but later their differences create tension and conflict.

This movie has a nice soundtrack and the vibrant colours and settings of nature are really appropriate for a kids movie but this is so much more!

The pictures sort of have an anime feel in the action scenes and is usually accompanied by music for highly emotional scenes. It's hard not to feel your heart sink at these moments. If you want your kids to watch it with you then be warned: there will be tears so be careful not to take the little little ones so that they aren't wailing about how sad and yet beautiful the ending is.

The post-movie feelings are hard to describe because you can't help feel that it should've ended better in terms of the story line but I think that's what the real preciousness of the movie is, it really captures the rareness of ultimate love and sacrifice that you really have to appreciate what happens.

A definite must-watch and I assure you watching it as a family is incredible.

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