Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies



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stand-up comedy

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Reviewed by duntrune 8 / 10

Well, now that Carlin's gone...Dana might be a worthy successor

Although his delivery isn't as polished as it could be (his recent health issues and lack of time on the road might be all it is), Carvey showed he could be a possible successor to George Carlin's Angry Everyman. His description of getting older and getting injuries doing nothing was pretty damn funny. "I'll just answer the phone and aaauuuuggghhhhh!!! I just tore my deltoid!" He also rips on just about every politician equally (Yay!) and shows a sharp wit for catching the stuff in life a lot of us might miss, like the uh, bathroom habits of bears as interpreted by Andy Rooney. I don't think this guy ever got the credit he deserved in the creation of Wayne and Garth, because Mike Myers without Carvey just isn't funny. Carvey's sketch show was hilarious, but sadly short lived. Hopefully this will see him back as a top standup and maybe he'll catch the big break he really deserves. Genius. Do not miss.

Reviewed by Nooshin_Navidi 8 / 10

Still crazy funny after all these years

Oh, how I missed Dana Carvey and his antics! And he hasn't lost his touch.

The act is easily one of Carvey's best and laugh-out-loud funny pretty much from start to finish. As always, his political observations & impressions are spot-on and side-splittingly funny, and he spares no one. His Reagan bit is so good, it actually made me appreciate the late president just a bit.

The only part of the act I found a little weak was his Al Gore bit, which started out very strong & funny, but went on too long and lost its way. Reminded me of when Robin Williams goes on one of his characteristically clever-but-exhausting tangents and doesn't know when to stop! But is was an exception to an otherwise solid act.

The "unorganized" religion bit was one of the best parts of the show and completely fresh comic writing. And don't miss the 'Special Features'; both the deleted scenes and the audience "Q & A" are hilarious. If you're from Northern California or lived there, you'll especially relate to some of his references. But that's just a small part of his act.

As always, Carvey never crosses the line into mean-spiritedness, but easily glides in and out of every impression & expression, reminding us of the huge talent we came to know and love before he left the scene due to his heart condition. It's a bittersweet irony that Dana Carvey is one comic who is ALL heart...


Reviewed by drjgardner 3 / 10


Yes it's funny, but his delivery is so scripted that he might as well just picked up the script and read from it. I've enjoyed his work on SNL so we know he can improv. But simply standing on stage and going through his script leaves a lot to be desired.

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