Dark Angel: The Ascent


Fantasy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 996

woman director supernatural demon priest hell

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Charlotte Stewart as Mother Theresa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Animus 7 / 10

What if Hell was run by Heaven?

Here's a concept for you, Hell is run by God. In this movie Hell is a place where sinners are punished by "demons" who worship, and work for, God. Our heroine, Veronica, is a demon born in Hell and raised by God fearing parents to punish sinners until they repent. As she comes of age she wonders why people are only punished after they die, she wants to know why the wicked are not punished before they can do more evil, thus lessening the sins upon their souls and reducing the pain and suffering of others. Veronica slips out of Hell and ascends to the mortal realm only to find it is literally brimming with sinners of the worst kind. Upon learning that sins are not only ignored but often encouraged in the mortal realm she sets out to set people back on the straight and narrow, with appropriately gory results.

Reviewed by m0vieguy 9 / 10

you have no idea how vile sin is in the eyes of the Lord.

I discovered this film a few years ago, and having happily given in to the sleazy heavy metal/custom van mural cover art on the box, was floored to realise that there was a perfectly serviceable piece of B movie fun here. I showed it to a friend, and he remarked " I know what my next dungeons and dragons character is going to be..." So there you have it, as far as love stories between hunky doctors and lawful evil demonic assassins go, this is the best of the genre.

Reviewed by Random-20 10 / 10

Twenty phalanges up! (That's all of my fingers and toes.)

Dark Angel The Ascent is undoubtedly the best low-budget film to ever be made. The special effects are superb, the acting is beyond expectable, and the story is surprisingly good for a low-budget film. Though, the one part that seems to pull this movie together is the talented and titillating Angela Featherstone; who showcases her multiple talents in this movie.

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